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4 Small Hacks To Look Like Your Favourite Movie Star

Their good looks make you swoon. You shiver with excitement every time one of their interviews comes out or they have a new movie. They look amazing…and you want to look just like a movie star.

You may or may not be blessed with their perfect skin, beautiful smile, or striking looks but you can certainly try to emulate their style and their grace.

How? Here are 4 small hacks that can get you that much closer to your own red carpet moment.

1.Dress like them

We know that movie stars have access to budgets, shoppers, and stylists to help them look like….well…movie stars. While you may not have any of that, you do have other things. For one thing, you have magazines. Keep clippings of your favourite movie star’s looks. Get a sense of the basic style you are trying to follow.

When you are sure of what you’d like, compile a few looks. This is easier than you think because several fashion writers will tell you where you can buy the clothes your favourite movie star wears, or where you can get versions of it.

No matter what looks your fav celeb is into, it’s available to you. If it’s traditional kurta pajamas in Bollywood, there’s somewhere you can buy them. No movie star look is unattainable.

That goes for hair, makeup, and accessories. You can take a picture of the look you like to a hairstylist or makeup artist to have them recreate it.

Finding accessories is as simple as doing a reverse Google Image Search.

2. Capitalise on any similarities or resemblance you have to you favourite star

If you’re lucky enough to look like your favourite movie star, by all means, have fun with it.

We’ve already discussed dressing like them, but now you can take it a little further. Does your celeb have a mannerism you can copy? A mysterious air? A way of sitting or walking that only they do? Are your voices similar? If it’s a physical characteristic you can change to look more like them, experiment with it. For example, if your favourite movie star has facial hair, grow yours out and style it the same way.

Of course, you don’t want to come across as affected, so whatever you choose to emulate, strike a balance. You want the similarities to be noticeable, but not stalkerish.

3.Carry yourself like a movie star

Movie stars have every reason to walk with their heads high. They’re good-looking, wealthy, famous, and the object of affection for millions of fans. You may not have these resources, but then everyone forgets something about movie stars. One of the most attractive things about them is the way they carry themselves. They always have a certain “aura”. This is something you can pull off. The key here is confidence. Building your confidence level is probably the most basic step you can take to looking like your favourite movie star. Look in the mirror and learn to like what you see.

This will give you the ability to walk with your head held high and your expression vibrant and welcoming, just like your favourite movie star. Don’t slouch and adjust your posture so that your back is always straight. Your gait should suggest you know what you’re about and where you are going. All of this will have the additional benefit of making you attractive to others and while it may not be millions, you’ll gain a fan or two of your own.

4.Take care of yourself

Outside of their genetic advantages, most celebrities make serious investments in their physical and mental health because they have to look their best for the camera

It doesn’t take a million dollars to engage in basic self-care. Take care of your skin, hair, and nails. These are some of the things people who meet you for the first time notice. Hair should be well-groomed, teeth clean, nails clean, and trimmed. If you can, splurge occasionally on a spa treatment. Join a gym and take part in whatever activities you like. Exercise builds the body and the mind and reduces stress. 

Do what you can to minimize emotional and mental anguish in your life. This tends to age you and you won’t be able to look as good as you can. Eat healthy food and stay away from alcohol.

Everything mentioned above can be achieved at minimal or no cost at all. All that is required is effort and you can look like your favourite movie star.