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3 Reasons You Need A Games Room Right Now

When you were a teenager, all you ever wanted was to have a cool room you could call your own. It would be a space that you could mess around with your mates in, playing foosball and drinking beers.

Well, my friend, the time has come. You are now officially an adult so you can do whatever you want. You’ve got your home theatre and now’s the time to game it up for the ultimate win.

Get the Kids Out of Your Hair

When you have kids, a games room is ideal for getting them out from under your feet and keeping them occupied. Having plenty of board games, a videogames console and bean bags scattered around should be enough for a full weekend of fun with friends. Create a soft and cozy feel with plenty of cushions and rugs and even teens will want to hang out in here.

But this room should also be enjoyed by a family so make sure you spend some good quality time in here together. When you’re setting it up, make the decoration a family activity and have some fun with it. This room can break all the rules so if you want to paint a cool mural on the wall, mix up your colors, grab some brushes and go for it!

Have a Grown Ups House Party

When you were a teenager, a games room was the dream and now as an adult, you can make it even cooler. Find tables for grown-up games like billiards and poker on http://www.11ravens.com and get your friends round for an evening of light-hearted betting.

If you really want to make this an adult space, you could even put a bar in the corner and hide it behind cupboard doors. All you really need are some cool glasses and a few bottles of different spirits and mixers to create an awesome cocktail bar. You can find all sorts of simple recipes to shake up and stir. Add an ice dispensing fridge and you are all set to go.

Relax Away From the Screen

As creatures of the 21st century, we spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at screens. We sit at computers all day at work, stare at our phones when we have a minute or two to kill and come home to slouch in front of the TV. It’s no way to live.

With a whole room dedicated to games, you might still be drawn to video games, but you will find the analog table games so much more inviting. Challenge the kids to a game of billiards, or if it’s just you, take some time to practice a few trick shots to amaze them next time you play. This isn’t just about relaxing your eyes and slowing down, it’s also about feeling a little more connected to the physical world around you and enjoying yourself without relying on a computer to reward you.

As it turns out, a games room is just what you needed…