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A Guide on How to Pick A Top-Quality Magnetic GPS Tracker

Advancements in technology have steadily helped to make our world a more secure place for all. With the advent of improved security equipment and devices, it is now easy to track and find stolen property, criminals, missing people, or objects. The movement and locations of anything are tracked using these devices. The GPS tracker is one such device programmed to provide information on the whereabouts of objects and people.

A GPS tracker is a tracking device that employs the use of a global positioning system to determine the location of a person, animal, or object at any time. There are different types of trackers, and each comes with its specifications. I will guide you on what to look for when you want to purchase a top-quality GPS tracker. 

Digital storage and transmission

Trackers report location as programmed. The data storage and transmission settings are determined by what you intend to track, for example, a car, a person, or data. Once you know what you intend to track, the next step is finding a tracker with the control feature and transmission speed required. There are several trackers existent with varied specifications, and it can be a little overwhelming.  Some platforms provide you with tracking devices for anything you intend to track. For instance, I stumbled on magnetic GPS trackers at SATXTechnologies while trying to find a tracker for my new car. These magnetic trackers served the purpose perfectly because they were invisible when installed in my car.

GPS Tracker Map of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Map of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Battery life

Battery life is crucial in the selection of any tracking device. It is responsible for how long your device can keep transmitting data to the monitoring application or device. The moment the battery dies, the signal is lost, and so is the object. Some trackers have built-in motion sensors and are only active when on the move. These trackers minimize the use of the battery. There are also trackers within built power banks. Some trackers can be connected to the electrical wiring in a car and have their batteries constantly charged once the car is in motion. So, before you choose a tracker for anything, find out the battery life span. The bigger the battery most times, the longer the life span. However, there are small-sized batteries with long battery life these days.

Geo-fencing feature

It defines where your tracker can go and where it cannot. The geofencing feature sends alerts the moment your car exits a specific location. If you want this feature, you have to look for a tracker with either text messaging, email, alarm features. The geofencing feature allows you to set up locations creating a fence for movement control. This kind is essential for delivery trucks, school buses, vehicles, etc.

Compatibility with other devices

Some tracking devices are a bit complicated to set up. The protocols involved might have several steps that take time. They also are less compatible with other devices. Before selecting a tracker, you have to check its compatibility with other devices. For instance, some trackers come with in-built batteries, and these cannot be replaced or charged by other means except with the designated adaptor and charger. A feature like this makes it impossible to connect to the wiring system of a car to keep battery life running.


A water-resistant tracker can withstand water splashes, rains, or wet environments. It makes them more durable and versatile for use. Trackers are for multiple purposes like tracking pets, kids, cars, drones, trucks, boats, and any outdoor object. GPS trackers should possess this feature because the goal is to track location, and that could be outdoor or indoor. Trackers can be exposed to many forms of hazard so, when you get a tracker, make sure it is water-resistant.

Hardware Quality

The material used to build a tracking device also determines its durability. If the material is weather-resistant, heat, and water-resistant, you can be sure it would stand the test of time. Moreso, plastic or wood-like hardware is the best hardware option because they are not affected by rust. They also require a degree of heat to destroy them. 

Size and Color

The size of a tracker can give up its location in a second. What you intend to track would determine the size of the tracker. If you need to track someone, then it must be small enough to disappear within clothing. It must have a trustworthy attachment feature and must be made out of flexible material. The same goes for a pet. But if you intend to track an object like a car or truck, the specifications might differ. The color is also essential to keep the device hidden. Thus, it is advisable to use colors that blend into the environment of the tracking device.