Speakers Made For Showing Off – HiddenRadio2

I seemingly have speakers everywhere in my house. And by seemingly, I mean I do, from the bedroom to my garage, and even a travel one to take on the trails with me during outdoor adventures. There are two things they all have in common; they are Bluetooth and fairly ugly to look at. Inside, I did my best to hide the speakers enough so they wouldn’t be an eyesore, but they often lead to lost sound quality and frustration. So there they sit, out in the open, not really pretty or fun, but doing the one job they can do.

Luckily that has changed. With the updating of my home bar from two bookcases to a classy cabinet, I decided it was time to bring the music out from hiding with the HiddenRadio2 speakers. Coming off a great Kickstarter campaign, I was able to pick up two of these gorgeous  Bluetooth speakers to position on both sides of the cabinet, out for the world (at least those in the house) to see and enjoy.


Now I love the concept of these two compact speakers. On their own, they are incredible, portable Bluetooth speakers that play music beautifully while also acting as a speakerphone. Holding a charge for about 10 hours (as tested throughout a full day of playing), each one can be taken to a party or backyard function, providing good tunes and great looks. But paired together is where they shine.

Connecting the two speakers is as easy as pressing the stereo button on the bottom panel, which then let the two to play the music from whichever device I have connect in a surround-sound format. Allowing my music to flow across the room instead of directly at me, I couldn’t help but get lost as these two small speakers pumped out high quality sound. And as only one speaker needed connection to my device, setup was as easy as any Bluetooth connection and the speakers did the rest to work in unison.

One of my favorite parts of these little gems is just how they hide. The top portion of the speaker will rise when turned on and drop away when off. There are no buttons on the visible parts, and the little blue light is just bright enough to show that the speaker is on without being overly annoying. Clearly taking design cues from some of the world’s top brands, even down to the packaging, the speakers not only fit in with the decor and look of the home bar, but have become a sort of centerpiece to the whole cabinet.

I guess that might be the ironic part. Named HiddenRadio2, hiding these speakers is the last thing I want to do.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HIDDEN. The opinions and text are all mine.