Dance Your Way into Married Life With the Right Wedding DJ

A wedding is one of the most terrifying and fun experiences you will ever have. While it is celebrating one of the most important days of your life, it is also full of stressful planning and last-minute deadlines. It is normal to worry about the type of food you are going to serve at the wedding, the date of it, and what decorations you are going to use.

One thing that many people don’t consider however is the quality of the DJ you are hiring. Once the dinner and speeches end, the wedding becomes a dance party with everyone getting up and moving. Getting the wrong DJ means that this will be a boring and awkward experience. Ensure that you are dancing into married life the right way with these important things to consider when hiring a DJ.

Consider Your Audience

DJs will all have a specialty or type of music that they lean towards when playing songs for an event. It is important that you take this into consideration when hiring a DJ for your wedding. If your wedding is full of older people, you will want a DJ who plays songs to their liking and style. On the other hand, if the wedding is full of younger people, you want a DJ who is going to play modern upbeat songs for everyone to dance to. It is important to find a DJ that caters to your style and what you want at the wedding. Someone who plays whatever they want and does not consider the audience is not going to be a good choice for the wedding. Make sure that you are considering the audience that is going to be at your wedding when picking a DJ. You can contact DJ Cutt Entertainment when you are somewhere in Portland. They will get you a flexible and experienced Portland wedding DJ to play the music matches for your guests. It is an advantage to talk to the DJ in advance.


Just like anything at a wedding, hiring someone to do music can be rather expensive, even a DJ. They will have to rent plenty of equipment and set up a proper sound system for your event. When all of it is said and done, you can end up paying an exorbitant amount of money for music. There are a few factors to consider to allow you to get the most bang for your buck.

How long are you planning on having the DJ play for? Some weddings can go extremely late into the night with the DJ playing tracks for hours. This can result in a rather high price for music. If you plan on doing this, perhaps consider hiring a basic DJ who will not charge too much. This allows your guests to party late into the night while you don’t break the bank with the entertainment. Make sure that you have enough money to hire a DJ and the one that you hire is within your budget for the wedding.

Variety of Genres

Your DJ should never be attached to just one style of music. A wedding venue is not a club or a mini-concert; people are not there to just hear one style of music. Along with that, you will be alienating certain guests at your wedding who are not a fan of that style of music. A good DJ should be able to vary the types of songs played in a seamless fashion. What does this mean?

It means that a DJ should be able to play some modern top 40 songs, while then switching into a classic oldie or two. From there, they can follow it up with a slow dance for all of the couples at the wedding. The more variety there is at the wedding, the better the experience will be for everyone. While dance music and techno can be great for getting people moving, the wedding should not be dominated by it. The DJ that you hire should be able to mix a variety of songs easily.

They Take Requests

Finally, you are paying for the DJ and it is important that you get the best experience possible. Everyone has a favorite song that they like to hear and will go wild when they hear it play. If your DJ takes requests, they will be able to liven up the party by playing the songs that the people want to hear. A DJ who does not take requests at a wedding is selfish and you should try to avoid hiring someone like that.

With all of these tips, you should be able to make the right decision and hire a good DJ for your wedding. Consider the budget that you have and always think about what type of music you want to play throughout the night. Are you excited for your wedding?