Colombian Coffee types of coffee beans on brown woven basket
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Check Out These Different Types Of Coffee Loved Around The World

Coffee is big business. It is the second most highly traded commodity in the world after crude oil, with an estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee being consumed daily. After being grown in the coffee belt regions, many types of coffee beans travel all around the world providing many people with their – often necessary – daily cup or three!

In different parts of the world, different types of coffee are enjoyed. If you have an interest in coffee, then some of the following types are definitely worth learning about and giving a try. You can make them at home or create your own coffee-related travel plans, to try the best coffees in the world. 

Australia: Green Coffee

Green coffee is a new type of coffee being drunk more and more throughout Australia. With green coffee extracts, it is thought that more caffeine is delivered to the system, making this drink highly popular with those that really need that morning boost. All of this is because the coffee beans are not roasted at all. So, instead of a dark black roasted bean, the coffee is made with raw, still-green beans. This gives the drink a much lighter flavor, somewhere between green tea and black coffee. A lighter, more refreshing coffee, but with more caffeine. Sounds perfect! 

Finland: Kaffeost

This drink is something you really might not expect; coffee and cheese. That’s right, you aren’t going mad, coffee over cheese is actually a thing. It has been drunk for centuries in Finland, with Finnish bread cheese – real name leipäjuusto – designed to soak up the coffee like cubes of bread would soak up moisture. It is a firm cheese, squeaky on the teeth, so excellent at doing this job. 

In effect, the cheese turns the coffee nice and buttery, giving it a much richer taste, almost like butter coffee. The coffee, in turn, gives the cheese cubes a lovely smoky taste at the end. All in all, this is a meal and a coffee combined and the Fins absolutely love it!

USA: Frappuccino and Blended Coffees

In the opposite direction, we have the Frappuccino. Not only is there no cheese involved, but there’s also far less coffee in many cases. These super-sweet beverages, popularised by Starbucks, have changed the way many young Americans drink coffee. Why? Because they’re super sweet and taste like glorious frozen milkshakes. With or without a shot of coffee, these things are packed with milk, cream, ice, flavorings, and sugar, making them irresistible on a hot summer afternoon. 

These blended drinks have become part of American culture, with various different types available at coffee shops all over the country. Drinking high-quality flavored coffee is an experience, but it seems that the United States prefers to have their coffee in a high-sugar, blended form. It’s not just Frappuccinos either, with blended coffee becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

Vietnam: Cà phê đá

Vietnamese coffee, real name Cà phê đá, is an after-dinner staple in every Vietnamese restaurant. There is something extra delicious about this coffee, whether served hot or cold over ice. The coffee itself is black, rich in flavor, and undeniably delicious. But, the real delight is in how it is made and served.

When you order a Vietnamese coffee, you will receive a small, clear mug, about half-filled with sweet condensed milk. On top of that, there will be freshly brewing coffee, slowly dripping into the mug and mixing with the milk. As it settles, stir the two together to create an unbelievably delicious, sweet, strong coffee. After a huge meal, there’s simply nothing better.

Ireland: Irish Coffee

The Irish consume a lot of regular coffee, like their neighbors in Britain. However, the Irish have added a twist that is now spreading around the world. This is a coffee with alcohol, so probably better suited to the evening rather than before your morning commute!

A small black, freshly brewed coffee is mixed with brown sugar, a dash of double cream, nutmeg, and a double shot of Irish whiskey. The results are undeniable. This coffee hits the spot on so many levels. You will have a slight buzz about your head after this drink, that’s for sure.

Italy: Affogato

Italians love coffee more than many of their European neighbors. They love it so much that they turned it into a dessert. Affogato is a simple, yet delicious recipe, where strong black coffee is poured over vanilla ice cream. Served with a spoon and some biscuits, it’s on you to dive in before everything melts. The combination of hot and cold, sweet and bitter, makes for a glorious after-dinner treat.

All of these types of coffee can be mimicked at home, just look for a full recipe and start your coffee world travels without ever leaving the house. Every one of them brings something different to coffee. They are all definitely worth a taste!