Deadlift. Deadlift! DEADLIFT!

When performed correctly, the deadlift is the best all-around lift for building mass and increasing strength. Sure, squats are great and the bench press is no slouch either, but the deadlift is superior to both of those lifts because of the number of muscles it engages; it works everything from your calves to your shoulders. […]

The Squat -- A Comprehensive Guide & Leg Day Example

Recently we went over the three core exercises you need — regardless if you’re prepping for summer, or wanting to make a lifestyle change. Number two on that list is the Squat. This, as previously stated, is the King of all lifts. It activates just about every aspect of your body in some form or […]

The 2 Nutrition Golden Rules

This past week, we spent a lot of time outlining why the 2000 calorie diet doesn’t really apply to you, and that with so much of your life already tailored to your needs; from your phone, to your class schedule, to ordering an extra sunny-side up egg with your burger — why isn’t your diet […]

The Struggle: In Between Sizes with RYU Apparel

You’re in-between sizes. A medium is too big, but a small makes you looked like wrapped sausage. Every brand you try is the same story. You keep insisting that it is the clothing that never looks right on you, but the problem is your body. Yes, you heard it right, your body. You can’t fill […]

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