The Struggle: In Between Sizes with RYU Apparel

You’re in-between sizes. A medium is too big, but a small makes you looked like wrapped sausage. Every brand you try is the same story. You keep insisting that it is the clothing that never looks right on you, but the problem is your body. Yes, you heard it right, your body. You can’t fill out your clothes. Now a simple, unhealthy solution is to pack on the pounds, or tailor every piece of clothing you own, but then what is the point of that? Instead, start hitting the gym and get out of the in-between size rut.

The gym can be intimidating, but once you get into a groove, it is smooth sailing. It all starts with a solid program. If you want to look good, fill out shirts quick, and worry about strength later, find a good bodybuilding split which usually focuses two muscle groups. If you instead want strength and your looks to come later, a good powerlifting program will focus on consistent strength gains. I highly recommend a powerlifting program if you’re just beginning.

When I first started working out, I cared about how I looked in the gym. Over the years, this sentiment has faded as I switched from bodybuilding to powerlifting. I’ve always had issues with shorts either being too baggy or too short, until I picked up some gear from Respect Your Universe. RYU’s Discipline Training shorts are sleek enough to stay out of my way when I’m deadlifting, but provide plenty of room when I’m squatting. The pockets aren’t too deep for your choice of music player, and the crotch won’t be all up in your business.

I’ve always been the one to wear ratty shirts littered with stains from who knows where. Today I proudly wore a clean Warrior Tee from RYU apparel and never felt better. Made for athletic builds, nothing on my upper body was restricted when I was benching. The material was stretchy like performance gear, but felt like a normal t-shirt.

Start filling out those shirts, get out of being in between sizes, and hit the gym. You’ll feel better about yourself in the long run along with plenty of other benefits that don’t come from just getting a tailor. Plus, everyone knows confidence is key and when you have the gear from RYU apparel, you’ll have that confidence to push out those extra reps.