Scuba Shark Diving in Gansbaai, South Africa
Shark Diving in Gansbaai, South Africa

How to Make Money By Being Certified in Scuba Diving

Scuba diving, which is primarily a recreational activity, allows you to explore the world beneath the sea and swim among sea creatures. Aside from the health and entertainment benefits, it can also earn you some extra money or form the basis of a new career. After obtaining a Professional Association of Diving (PADI) certificate or another type of certification, diving equipment, and plenty of practice time, one can search for various scuba diving jobs. Hard work breeds success, and here are a few ways to make money from a scuba diving certification with just a little creativity and dedication:

Dive Shop Owner or Resort Manager

This is probably one of the easiest jobs to find as a diver. Working in a dive base or resort is a great place to start if you do not have any diving certification. This can be viewed as a career opportunity because it allows you to hone your leadership, management, communication, and problem-solving abilities. It does require a great deal of experience and patience. 

Job opportunities for this position can be found worldwide, and benefits include training and housing. If you are not prepared for scuba diving operations, you can use the knowledge you have gained to open your own dive shop or resort.

Diving Instructor or Guide 

The most obvious career path is that of a diving instructor. After completing a series of training to become a scuba-certified diver, becoming a dive instructor allows you to put everything you’ve learned into practice. As an instructor, you will be responsible for teaching proper diving equipment usage, rescue procedures, diving skills and methods, and buoyancy. 

You will get to work at dive sites both locally and internationally, ensuring that everyone has a great time both in and out of the water. Work with experienced divers, share your love of diving, make friends from around the world, and create lasting memories.

Underwater Photography or Videography

Many people enjoy capturing scenic moments on camera, and as a diver, you may come across such people. Professional divers can offer to take pictures of tourists and other divers for a reasonable fee, or they can rent out their cameras to those who want to take their own pictures. You could also sell images and videos of shipwrecks, underwater wildlife, and the coral reef to stock photography companies or use the images to raise awareness about sea pollution and marine wildlife exploitation. All you need is a good underwater camera, buoyancy, and an eye for photography. 

Public Safety Diver

Underwater activities carried out by law enforcement, or rescue teams are referred to as public safety diving. This is not recreational diving because you will be taught documentation, communication, and scene handling skills. This may also require you to dive in adverse conditions, such as low visibility, to conduct undersea searches. However, working as a public safety diver will allow you to pursue a career facilitating criminal investigations and rescue operations to save lives.

Scientific Research Diver 

Being a scientific research diver is one of the career options available to certified scuba divers. This job entails using scuba equipment to conduct scientific research in the sea. Scientific divers frequently collect information about the marine environment, monitor marine wildlife, and conduct underwater exploration. 

Their efforts provide us with knowledge about aquatic life that helps us develop new ways to conserve marine life. A scuba diving certification is all that is required to work as a scientific diver.

As a scuba diver, you can earn money in various ways. These options range from commercial diving to recreational diving. With numerous opportunities available in both cases, commercial diving pays more and is more demanding than recreational diving. Commercial divers work as scientists, public safety divers, and underwater explorers, whereas recreational divers work as guides and resort managers.

Before you can make money as a scuba diver, you must first obtain a certain level of certification. Obtaining scuba certification opens the door to a plethora of opportunities associated with scuba diving. If you enjoy scuba diving and believe you can turn it into a career or a side hustle, go ahead and get certified; with dedication and diligence, it won’t be long before you start making money.