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Useful Hacks to Fully Enjoy Your Trip in Miami

When you visit a place like Miami, you need to ensure that you enjoy every bit of the place. But if you don’t know how to get the best, you’re likely to come out not having enjoyed the trip. There are some hacks you can use to make the most of the trip. 

These are just some of the few things you can use to know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. And the hacks can also help you see when the right time is to visit Miami. Here are the valuable hacks to fully enjoy your Miami trip. 

Best Time to Visit

There’s no set time to visit Miami as there are few bad times to visit. But if you are to knuckle down on a specific time, you have to check out Miami during the Spring. Make a point to visit during Spring as the summers are pretty hot – unbearably so. 

But there are perks to gain when you visit Florida during the Summer too. For example, you get to enjoy the best seats on a plane or the best seats at a restaurant. There aren’t too many people around as this is the low season. 

You can also enjoy the best spots on the beach when you visit during the Summer. But if you want to have some fun that will knock your sock off, you need to visit during the Spring. At this time, you get to see Miami Beach’s Mid-Beach as you’d never seen it before.

Miami is Walkable

Another tip that you can use to get the best out of Miami is to walk around. It has got to be a perk as when you take a walk around a city; you get to feel the whole experience. If you are going a long distance, you can rent a bike to get around. 

Essentially, you don’t have to be in a cab all day to get around Miami. If you like to meet people around, you can also opt for a bus ride – you can then walk around once you’re at your destination. But the feel of walking or riding along Ocean Drive is to die for. 

Modes of Public Transportation in Miami

These will include the following:

  • Metrorail and Metromover – there’s no subway in Miami, but these are convenient ways to move around. For the rail, it closes at 11:00 PM – that’s during weekdays. For weekends, the Metrorail runs until midnight. You have to part with $2.25 per ride here. 

Metromover, on the other hand, is only available in downtown Miami. This one is free.

  • Metrobus – you should consider this if you have the time as the schedule is quite irregular. Per ride, you have to pay $2.25, and the bus covers up to 95 routes around Miami. 
  • Trolleys – if you are around the beaches, you can get a connection through the trolleys. And they are free of charge – they only connect people between popular areas, though. 

Where to Stay

When you’re in Miami, you will not miss a couple of places where you can lay your head. Before you get there, you can do extensive research on the places and find out where to live. Don’t just look at the South beach like anyone else would. 

  • South beach is a favorite as there are numerous bars, and the nightlife is one you wouldn’t want to miss out on. But you can look up other places where you can live. For example, Coconut Grove has some great hotels that you can check upon. 
  • When you’re in Miami Beach, you can have a pick of the litter, too, when it comes to hotels. You can also look up some of the best options at Miami Beach’s Mid-Beach to find out where to lay your head. 
  • Little Havana – one of the most popular areas to stay in while you’re in Miami is Little Havana. Here, you’re sure to interact and get the whole feel of Miami culture. It is also the best place to stay to have a sense of the Cuban people. 

You get to find some fantastic hotels to stay in while in little Havana and great restaurants. If you love Cuban cuisine, you can get a variety here. 


A visit to Miami should be one that you enjoy and not try to get to know what to do when you’re finally there. If you have these hacks mastered before, you’re likely to have a good experience when you visit. Master these hacks, and you’ll have the best trip when you finally get to Miami at any time.