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How Office Space Can Affect Your Brand Image

Everyone should know what your brand is about from the minute they step into your office space. There are many aspects of your office space that create this first impression, from the office layout to the color on the walls and the office furniture you choose. The appearance of your office space should reflect your brand and tell a story people can connect with. It should bring to life your brand values. Take a moment to reflect on how your office space affects your brand image. 

1. Office design

You have to look at what your business needs and what your employees want when considering office design. It’s important for clients to see that your office design lines up with your brand image. Your employees are also more productive if their workspace design supports the kind of work they do. A client walking into an office space of a brand that supports creativity and collaboration and sees everyone working silently in small cubicles is likely to question its authenticity. 

What type of office design is most suited to your brand? If you pride yourself on your creativity and collaboration, an open plan office design will best reflect this. If you work with plenty of confidential data, you will need private offices. Do you need break-out spaces and meeting rooms? Are there spaces where you can brainstorm? For brands looking for office space in Miami, there are many different types of workspaces available, such as shared office spaces and coworking spaces. 

2. Company culture

Your office space drives your company culture. When job applicants want to know what it will be like to work for your company, they are likely to go to your website and look at photos. This can give them an idea of what kind of working environment you provide. Does your office space help you to attract top talent and retain existing employees

Your employees should be able to feel your brand through their workspace. For example, if your brand supports sustainability, they should see this reflected in the office, such as in recycling initiatives and the use of sustainable resources. If your brand prides itself on being forward-thinking, your office space should show that you can think outside the box and create unique solutions. Using some uncommon accessories, such as treadmill desks, reinforces the impression that your company is on the cutting edge. 

3. Color 

Color enables people to instantly create emotional associations with a brand. It is an essential character in the story of your brand. Colors with long wavelengths, like red, have a faster recognition response from the brain, whereas colors with short wavelengths, like blue, are more soothing. It’s no coincidence that insurance companies and banks often use the color blue. 

Selecting the colors for your office space should never be an exercise in personal taste or trendiness. The colors should be those that define the value of your brand and strengthen its position. If you want to cultivate a trustworthy and responsible image, dark color schemes can help clients feel they are in safe hands. If your brand is more on the quirky side, bright, fun colors offer the right impression. 

4. Office fittings and furniture

The style of your office fittings and the furniture you choose can say a great deal about your brand’s personality. Is your brand creative and innovative? Is it dependable and responsible? Are you somewhere in between? Strategic selection of furniture and fittings can reflect your brand identity. 

Exposed brick, metal light fittings, concrete floors and ergonomically designed modern furnishings are a good look for a modern, creative brand. Space-saving multi-functional furniture can help your office space to look more organized. When an office is well organized, it signals dependability and creates trust. Bright lighting, interactive displays and modern furniture will make your brand come across as more sociable and open to making connections. Beautifully designed classic pieces give an impression of solid dependability. 

5. Technology infrastructure

If you’re a leading brand involved in digital transformation, your office space must reflect this. People want to see that you don’t just talk the talk but live out your passion in the way you work. Does your office space feature thoughtful technology integrations that help to increase the productivity and efficiency of employees? Do your meeting rooms have audio-visual setups that support video conferencing? Is there excellent WiFi coverage throughout the office space? New flexible workspaces need the technology infrastructure to support them.