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5 Great Reasons To Visit Texas 

There are dozens of reasons why people from Texas are so proud of their state, and although the Lone Star State may not be as well-known to tourists as California or Florida, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a trip. Here are some of the very best reasons to visit Texas – and there are even more beyond these. 

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The Food

Everything in Texas is bigger, including the portions. Texan BBQ restaurants are known for their generous servings of pork and other accompaniments. More Tex-Mex cuisine can be found in the southern part of the state, particularly in San Antonio and El Paso. This Mexican-Texas fusion food combines the best of both cultures. Tex-Mex cuisine includes dishes like fajitas, chilli con carne, breakfast tacos, and queso. Keep an eye out for local Tex-Mex eateries while you’re in San Antonio; there are lots to choose from, and some are better than others, so always do your research before opting for a place to eat. 

Live Music Everywhere 

A trip to Texas wouldn’t be complete without checking out some live music. Austin, Texas, is the world’s live music capital. Live music will usually be available all year round in restaurants, clubs, and outdoor locations. Austin is also home to a slew of touring bands from the mainstream and independent genres, as well as the world-renowned Austin City Limits music festival. If you’re looking for things to do in San Antonio, getting tickets to one of the many live music concerts hosted there is a great option. 

Arts And Culture 

The state of Texas has a lot more going for it than just live music. SXSW, a world-renowned festival of cinema, media, and music, is also held in Austin, Texas. Additionally, the city of Austin is a veritable art mecca, with galleries, murals, and sculptures galore. If you’re looking for something more conventional, consider the Dallas Museum of Art or Fort Worth’s The Modern.


If there’s one thing that is unmistakably Texan, it’s ranch culture. The Lone Star State has a lengthy history of cattle rearing, which is still being practiced today. While you can tour the countryside’s ranches, you may also enjoy attending a rodeo while in Texas. Take a journey to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where cattle drives are held twice a day. You’ll have no problems finding events in the area.

Amazing Cities 

Texas is home to a plethora of cities, each with its own unique feel. Dallas is an oil boomtown full of sparkle and luxury. In contrast, nearby Fort Worth embodies the rough Texas ethos of rodeos and ranchers. Houston, a diversified Gulf Coast collection of localities ranging from modern projects to ancient little towns like Katy, is different again. Then there’s Austin and San Antonio in the Hill Country. Austin is Texas’ eccentric capital, brimming with arts, culture, music, and outdoor activities. It’s the best spot to explore new trends. On the other end of the spectrum is San Antonio, a city rich in Southwest heritage that is today recognized for its bustling River Walk and Tex-Mex cuisine. There is lots to see and do in Texas, no matter where you go.