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What You Should Know About Custom Medications And Supplements

When most people think of medication and supplements, what comes to mind are vitamins and drugs which can be found over-the-counter and offered in the majority of supermarkets or pharmacies. For instance, the most typical multivitamin that many people would use every day. A much wider world of medication and supplements exists out there. 

To be precise in many custom compounding pharmacies. These custom compounding pharmacies can make high-quality merchandise which can be proven to be more potent and have greater benefits than the typical vitamins and medication would have. Here is some information, which may be proven to be useful to know about custom made medication and supplements.  

Why Are The Advantages Of Custom Supplements And Medication?

The whole mixing, assembling, packaging, labeling, and the overall preparation of drugs and vitamin supplements are the result of a relationship between the patient and the pharmacists. Custom made medication or vitamins can also be created for teaching, research, or chemical analysis purposes. Not as one may think because of dispensing or sales. If you are wondering why people use them, here are some basic reasons:

  • It is possible to add flavors and colors to the products
  • They can be made in a specific strength or dose
  • Customers criteria is always met
  • Because some are not available commercially

How Are They Being Made?

The preparation of these vitamins and drugs would also include certain anticipation of order which are prescribed. Doctors’ specifications can be met. Every patient is individual and thus this is an advantage of custom compounding. Professionals at Custom Compounding pharmacy state: “Compounded medications are ‘made from scratch”. This is more than true. Powders, raw chemicals, or other devices can be used. Medication and vitamins are made by these pharmacies by using quality raw materials. 

Is It Possible To Get Any Side Effects Or To Prevent Them?

Too many people take supplements blindly without doing the proper research first and finding out what the side effects would be if they are mixed with the prescribed medication. By working with the compounding pharmacist, you will be able to receive an individualized product. Basically, you will find the right fit for you.

The doctor, as well as the compounding pharmacist, will be well informed about the possible unwanted side effects. So, as a conclusion, taking some time to learn all there is about the medication and supplements you are ingesting,  and having them custom made by the knowledgeable professional will be beneficial in the sense that you will be protected from unwanted and undesired possible side effects which may occur when mixing those two. 

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction to some consumable pharmaceutical products can be one of the most common side effects. When purchasing custom made products, there is a certain number of tests which need to be done first in order to check allergies before the compound is being produced.

Pharmacogenetic testing can be done on some patients to ensure that all chemical ingredients for production will not make any unwanted effects and that they are safe for use. Lactose, gluten, and dye content can be considered one of the most common allergens. Custom making will ensure to eliminate the presence of these allergens from your medicine in case they bother you. 

The Power Of Customization

Capsules, as well as tablets, are one of the most often commercially available medications which are produced. Even if so, some adults, as well as infants, just can not swallow their dosage or simply do not prefer it. Thankfully, by having your medication custom made, your drugs can be made into a form such as liquid, troche, suppository, lozenge, or any other form which is easier for you to administer yourself. 

Through the art of compounding, different vitamins, which are related to skin problems for instance, and medications, can be even made into one base which contains everything that is necessary for each. Just by itself, that is a huge advantage compared to classical massively produced drugs and supplements which can be found in local drug stores and supermarkets. 

The overall goal of customized vitamins and medication is to meet the needs of the patient. Their usage varies, for example, they can be used as injections for impotence, medication for veterinarians in many different flavors and dosages, a part of hormone replacement therapy, any pediatric medication or vitamin which is appropriate for the weight or height of the patient, and so on. 

All in all, the most positive therapeutic outcome is the final goal of these customized drugs and vitamins.