Murphy Bedroom Upgrades K-Y's Duration Spray For Men

K-Y’s Duration Spray For Men Helps You Last Longer

This is a sponsored article. While the views expressed here were genuinely ours, 
consideration was paid to us by the K-Y Brand at Walgreens.

There are three things in this life that almost no one will admit to not being great at – driving, telling a joke, and sex. And of the three, the horizontal mambo is the most difficult to get honest feedback about. Either your partner is trying to save your feelings, or they are purposefully trying to hurt them during a fight or breakup. Now you absolutely can and should engage in frank and honest conversation with your lovers to improve your performance, but do you know what else leads to improvement? Practice. Hours and hours of practice. You’re welcome.

Any top athlete can tell you that practice is where medals and championships are won – and it’s no good to just practice for 15min every night as you tuck your sweetie into bed. No, you’ve got to have lots of practice time (something your partner will surely be happy about). Now I’m not here to point fingers, assign blame, or cast negative thoughts. I’m here to help, and there’s no better help than an endurance spray. No toys or gimmicks, just you lasting longer than ever before and never finishing before you’re ready.

K-Y's Duration Spray for MenK-Y’s Duration Spray for Men is a great example that will allow you to go the distance with your lover and get those hours of practice to go from mild to wild. Duration is a spray you apply to your gentleman’s region that contains a mild numbing agent. Think less “totally numb” and more “not overloaded with sensation”.

Because it’s a subtle spray, it doesn’t get everywhere and numb her giggly bits as well. You also don’t have to worry about spilling it or messing up your sheets. Total win! You’re welcome for your new secret weapon (don’t worry, it’s not so secret that you can’t find it at any Walgreens). You should now have no problem getting in those hours of practice, every time you want, and taking home the gold of your lover’s heart. Gentlemen, ruffle your sheets!