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How To Make The Best Gin Gift Set

When it comes to gins, people generally identify with the flavor and the aroma. However, most drinkers are unknown to the components it has. The berry-like substance known as juniper is the main ingredient in preparing one. The berry-like substance is the cornerstone in preparing any gin along with other botanicals. 

With the recent increase in the popularity of gin as an alcoholic beverage in recent times, the variants of gift sets have increased as well. However, due to its popularity, there is also a wide range of accessories designed particularly for the reason to consume gin only and have an exquisite experience. The types of gift sets can be categorized down below.

Mixology and Flavoring kit

Gin Gift Set

This is a premium gin gift set box and is much more than just a garnishing set. This mixology and flavoring kit contain all sorts of garnishes and botanicals required to make the perfect gin and tonic. This box also includes a braided spoon or a twister, which helps make the various types of cocktails.

This gift box is considered a great starter among kits and consists of various types of botanicals needed to flavor your drinks at home. The botanicals include pink peppercorn, vanilla pods, ginger, juniper berries, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and star anise. In addition, this type of premium gift box contains an instructor’s manual on how to make gin and tonics, along with the flavor profile of them all. 

The Real Gin Making kit

Gin Gift Set

This type of gift box is considered to be of the premium gift boxes as well; like the one above, it is even better. This kit consists of all the ingredients one might need to make the different types of traditional gin and tonic. This is entirely customizable as the variety of the uniquely flavored gins and the different botanicals can be mixed wholly based on the user’s preference. This kit contains a complete illustrated guide on administering the different cocktails.

This kit consists of two beakers used for mixing the gin along with the botanicals, a case slotted for various types of botanicals and spices, an instruction manual about the mixology, and a hip flask for the prepared drink. This complete set enables the user to have the ultimate personalized drink of gin and tonic completely prepared based on its preference. 

Do It Yourself Gin Making Infusion Kit


This kit is designed for beginners in the mixology of gins and tonics. This type of kit consists of three small-batch craft gins, which take about an evening to prepare and about two days before drinking. However, this gin gift set consists of a total of twelve types of botanicals that could be used to create a wide range of flavored gins.

This kit, however, comes with an instruction manual and a detailed study of the mixology of the botanicals. The tumblers of craft gin with the twelve different types of botanicals make up a great addition as a gift to someone who likes to curate according to their preference.

Gin and Tonic Molecular Mixology Kits

Gin Gift Set

This type of mixology kit is generally more complex than that simple garnishing kits and is elementary in creating new and contemporary cocktails at home. However, this kit includes a wide range of elements that can enable the user to experiment in creating contemporary flavors along with their preferred botanicals. 

This type of gift set would be ideal for a hardcore enthusiast who enjoys personalizing gins. This complex kit can make cocktails based on the molecular gastronomy of the drinks and their reactions. Veteran gin curators adore this kit due to its wide range in customization.

The above written is the most exciting and efficient type of gift set that Users could give to a friend or a colleague during a special occasion. For various spirit enthusiasts, this specified study on the different types of gin-making technologies can give insight on choosing the right gift set for the person.