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6 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is fun, relaxing, and memorable – especially with family and friends. However, inadequate vehicle preparation can quickly interrupt your plans. To avoid any inconveniences, take the necessary steps to get your car travel-ready before embarking on your journey to ensure a smooth holiday experience. Below are tips for getting your car ready for holiday travel.

Check the lights

Lighting is an essential aspect of a road trip, as it illuminates the road to help drivers see clearly, while also allowing drivers to signal other road users. Since drivers mostly rely on the headlights and taillights for visibility, ensure yours are fully functional to avoid accidents. Don’t forget to check the brake lights, turn signals, fog lights, and hazard warning lights. If there is a need to replace your car lights, be sure to buy from a reputable seller like XK Glow

Confirm tire pressure

Using your car owner’s manual, find out the recommended tire pressure and follow the recommended guidelines to inflate accordingly. Low pressure tires can affect your braking distance and make handling and steering less responsive. This poses a threat, especially when you need to make an emergency stop or a sudden maneuver to evade a collision. Due to their high rolling resistance, underinflated tires lower fuel efficiency. Additionally, overinflated tires suffer increased wear at the center of the tread. Ensuring that your tires are inflated properly promotes good tire maintenance, increasing longevity.

Ensure you have enough windshield washer fluid

Windshield washer fluid keeps your windshield free from dirt and grime from road salt, ice, snow, and slush, making it easy for you to have a clear view of the road. Continuous use of the fluid lubricates the washer fluid pump and protects it from corrosion, leakage, and dysfunction.

Ensure that the engine is healthy

Before leaving for holiday, have your car checked for leaks and any fluid indicators that show the engine’s condition. For example, the engine oil shouldn’t be milky, have a burnt smell, or be clumpy or discolored. You can also start the car and listen for sounds that indicate the engine is struggling. In addition, get the oil filters and brake pads checked and replace them if necessary. Good engine performance will ensure you have a smooth ride to your holiday destination.

While a good engine performance is an absolutely necessity for any car, especially before a trip it’s also important to know when you should cave in and begin looking into New Vauxhall Cars or something that suits you. One of the major ways to ruin any trip is by having a car that doesn’t work the way it should, in fact, this can be incredibly dangerous. So while you’re looking into your vehicle figure out whether or not this is safe enough to drive any longer.

Check the drive belts and hoses

Confirming the condition of the drive belts is vital because, if they fail, the engine may have a total shutdown. This means the battery won’t charge, making your car overheat. To determine if the drive belts have a problem, look out for screeching noises whenever the car starts. Consider having a professional mechanic check it out for you if you’re unsure of anything. Should you need to replace the belts before you leave on your travels, you will then be able to buy v type belts (or whichever type you need) in advance and have them fitted so that they will not cause you any problems. 

Service your car

Servicing your car doesn’t necessarily mean it has a problem; it’s part of good maintenance practices. It helps keep your vehicle in good condition and also allows for early detection of any faults. Follow the car owner’s manuals to know how often you should service your car.


Before leaving for your holiday trip, have a checklist of road trip essentials for your car, that way, you’re assured of a vacation without car issues. These tips will help you get your vehicle ready for your holiday travel.