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7 Most Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working

Air conditioning is one of those things that not everyone understands yet needs on a daily basis. While the concept can be boiled down to a simplified explain-like-I’m-5 format, the technical knowledge needed to fix it isn’t easy to apply. Ignoring it for a while may temporarily work, but if worse comes to worst, you may need to prepare yourself for an AC overhaul. To help you identify the main reasons that could cripple your AC, we’ll be listing 7 popular telltale signs.

  1. Unclean Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are responsible for the proper dissipation of built-up heat as the AC cools the area. These coils are vulnerable to outside factors that can hinder their performance, such as dirt, debris, and other small particles. The efficiency of the cooling capacity of the AC is directly linked with the performance of the condenser coils. If the AC struggles enough to keep your home cool, it will expend much more energy than it usually does, adding a big chunk to your bills. You should avoid cleaning it yourself and opt for professional servicing.

  1. Issues with the Coolant

The coolant is a substance that controls the circulation of cold air in your AC. There are various types of coolants but they are all enclosed within the tubes that are around the cooling unit of your AC. Any issues related to the leakage of coolant can be dangerous because they are toxic chemicals that shouldn’t be inhaled, in addition to only properly functioning in a closed-loop system to dissipate heat. In tropical countries like Singapore, it’s not uncommon for coolant to wear down or leak due to being in-circulation for long durations. You can click here to know how professional AC technicians identify issues with it. Coolant can easily leak if the evaporator suffers serious damage due to an accident or wearing out.

  1. Air Filter Issues

Air filters may often be forgotten because they take their time to gradually wear down to the point where you’ll notice an issue. Air filters can be easily blocked by dirt and debris, which can run the risk of isolating your cooling coils, making them freeze. Improperly functioning air filters can also reduce the quality of air that you’re inhaling, not to mention the wrong temperature. It can be easily cleaned or replaced by a professional, but it’s important to ensure that it’s getting checked upon every once in a while.

  1. Clogged Condensate Drainage

The AC system removes water from the circulated air by directing it towards a pan that allows it to properly drain. While some ACs have a system that allows it to automatically shut down when the pan is overflowing with water, many older ACs don’t. The pan starts overflowing when the drain is clogged because the water isn’t released. Overflowing water can easily become dangerous because it can ruin the AC and any electrical appliances that may be in the unfortunate position under it. 

  1. Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your AC may seem like it completely broke down because it can’t cool or heat the room properly, but in fact, it may just be the thermostat reading the wrong temperatures. It can tell the AC unit that it reached the temperature inputted by the user, even if it has just been turned on. Sometimes the room may reach the required temperature but the thermostat isn’t registering it, leaving your AC running endlessly, reducing its lifespan and efficiency.

  1. Compressor Issues

A compressor is the main unit that’s responsible for the cooling process of the AC. It compresses the coolant to allow it to quickly circulate through the coils around the condenser and evaporator. Issues with the compression mean that the coolant isn’t properly circulating the coils, which can lead to irregularities in the temperature, in addition to other issues that may arise after a while if the faulty compressor is left unchecked.

  1. Wrongly Sized AC

This is one of the issues that can’t be resolved through a simple visit by an AC technician. The wrong-sized AC will be inefficient in cooling or heating the room. Too big ACs won’t run properly in a small room because it will be shutting down automatically quite often because it cools it quickly, while too small ACs will take forever to cool a big room, you may even find that it’s not working at all. The only solution will be purchasing a properly sized AC after consulting with a professional or after research.

The sudden breaking down of an air conditioner can become frustrating because it is one of the basic necessities that you need in your daily life, especially if the climate in your area is not that accommodating. Returning home after a long day to face irritating conditions because your AC broke down can jeopardize the rest of your day. Fortunately, most AC problems can be avoided if you follow some basic guidelines