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Stargazing Tips To Help You See the Stars From Your Backyard

Stargazing is a fun, freeing, and affordable hobby to have! Whether you are going solo, doing it with friends, or having a night under the stars with your family, you are bound to experience a feeling of awe and enjoyment. Stargazing is a hobby that is accessible to all and you can do it right from the safety and comfort of your home! Below are 5 of our top tips to help you see the stars from your own backyard!

Work out the Prime Time to Look

To get the best out of your stargazing evening, there are specific times where you will get greater visibility. If you can handle the cold, then a clear winter night will guarantee that you get a good look into the sky. Alongside this, you ought to pay attention to the phase of the moon. To get the best out of your stargazing you might want to consider waiting until the moon is in the crescent phase, as the light of a full moon can often blur out our view of the stars. 

However, if you want to admire the moon in all its glory, then wait until it is a full moon and you will be able to see all the bumps and craters that make up the moon. The easiest way to see what phase the moon is in is to use a lunar calendar. A lunar calendar is based on monthly cycles of the moon’s phases. 

Find a Telescope That Is Best for You

Choosing a telescope is important for any astronomer, whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned professional. You have to get the one that suits your priorities. Research at this stage is key, and luckily for you, astronomy experts have found the best telescope 2020 and posted their research online. Depending on your experience, and what you hope to get out of your telescope will decide what is the best telescope for you. 

For instance, if you are an amateur, there are telescopes made specifically with the needs of an amateur in mind. Additionally, if you are just looking to give it a try, then you might want to consider buying a budget-friendly option in case you decide that stargazing isn’t for you.

Download A Stargazing App

It is important to use the resources that are available to you, and there are several mobile applications that you can download with ease. Stargazing apps will help you navigate around the sky, almost like a Google Maps of the sky! Some provide you with notifications when so you don’t miss any prime stargazing opportunities! 

Notable examples of these planetarium apps include SkySafari, Star Tracker, Exoplanet, and Google Sky Map. A lot of these apps are either free or come at a low cost and they are certainly worth it as you’ll get the most out of your stargazing experience the app will let you know what to look for. However, remember to turn your screen brightness down because you want to have minimal light around you so that it doesn’t interfere with visibility.

Pay Attention To Astronomers Online

Following astronomers on social media platforms is a great idea! They often post tips and useful information on what’s happening and what things are visible at the moment. It is a great way to stay on top of things and to learn about astronomy in general. If you aren’t sure of who to follow, then here is a list of notable astronomers on Twitter. Pay attention to these astronomers online and you will never miss a meteor shower or eclipse again as these guys will undoubtedly be posting all about it on their social media platforms.

Have Fun!

The final tip to remember is to have fun! Make an evening of it and set up a cozy area with blankets, hot water bottles, and most importantly, hot chocolates! Staying warm will help you enjoy the experience and last in the cold longer. Experiencing stargazing with friends and family can be a very wholesome experience and it is one that is easy, affordable, and fun for all.

Stargazing is a hobby for all! In the current world we live in, it can be difficult to find safe activities to do due to coronavirus. However, stargazing is one of the few safe and fun activities you can do! Whether you do it frequently or once in a blue moon, these tips will make sure that you get the best out of your stargazing experience!