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Dressing Casual: Fashion Tips for Simple Men

When it comes to dressing casual, you instantly think about comfortable clothing. And that’s pretty accurate, as casual wear should be comfortable. But does it have to be unfashionable? Not at all. You can dress casually while keeping it simple and sporting a unique yet stylish look. Casual wear must be informal and relaxed, but at the same time, it should look elegant. It’s just the right mix of individuality and comfort.

Are you wondering what you can do to up your styling game? After all, you want to create a captivating, distinctive look for yourself. If you wish to look good no matter what you are doing or where you’re going, all while feeling comfortable, then you have landed at the right place. We’ve put together some useful tips for simple men who like to dress casually. 

An Essential Tee

Any simple man’s wardrobe must consist of this essential article of clothing, a tee. As stated by the folks behind Jasper Holland Co, these things are super easy to wear and very comfortable too. Plus, they’ll never go out of style. You can sport a casual look any time with a great tee-shirt. Just keep in mind a few factors like to avoid loud colors and those with logos or graphics.

Instead, stock up on some classic colors that can pair with any other piece of clothing. Black, brown, gray, white, navy blue are all great colors for simple tees. You’ll be able to use these basic tees for mixing and matching within any casual outfit. Unsure about where to find the right tee for you?

Something Other Than A Tee?

Want to keep that casual look, but tired of wearing tee-shirts all the time? Swap your usual top for a casual shirt instead.  A light-colored, checkered cotton shirt can do the trick, as it will give you a stylish yet laid-back look. You can even try a denim shirt or a simple, minimal printed shirt. Warm weather getting to you? Wear a light, stretchy polo shirt, keeping it simple yet classy.

Jeans Are Eternal

As for jeans, this super versatile clothing article can look amazing with nearly anything. With a pair of nice jeans, you can achieve that perfect casual look. However, the catch is you need to find the right type for yourself. And that’s where the perplexity arises because there are just a whole variety of styles that you could choose from today. 

Following some basic rules can ensure you end up with the most suitable pair of jeans for yourself. For example, they should not be overly baggy as that will make you look unstylish and rough. Plus, you may spend a lot of time trying to keep your jeans up if the fit is too loose. The length should be right as well as jeans that are too long can give a sloppy look. In addition, the pair should not be too tight either as it would restrict your movements and feel uncomfortable. 

Being a simple guy, go for a plain pair of denim. A clean, crisp color such as dark blue would do best. Beware of extras on the jeans, though. You might often notice ripped or distressed jeans, and it is best to try to avoid those. 

Try Chinos

Want to go for something other than that regular pair of jeans? How about classic navy beige or khaki chinos?  Chinos are versatile and trendy, perfect for a business casual look. They are not formal wear, yet they offer just the right amount of sophistication and comfort that makes them the ideal semi-formal outfit. Chinos can help you achieve that overall smart appearance without sacrificing your comfort. Smarten them up with suede shoes and a shirt, and you will look good all around the town. 

Go for Great Footwear

Did you know wearing dirty or old shows can ruin a perfectly well put together outfit? You want to dress casually and want your feet to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you wear worn-out shoes. Invest in a nice pair of shoes every once in a while, whether it’s a pair of moccasin loafers or fresh white sneakers. If you buy high-quality footwear and keep it in good condition, you can step up your fashion game. For men, UGG offers a range of stylish and comfortable options to elevate your footwear collection. Consider adding a pair of men’s UGG shoes to your wardrobe for a blend of fashion and comfort. With the right footwear, you can enhance your overall appearance while keeping your feet happy and stylish.

Dress According to the Occasion

Yes, even casual dressing varies depending on where you’re going and the time of day. If you’re out for daytime errands and don’t want to look like a complete couch potato, you’ll look great with a jacket over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans underneath. On the other hand, a casual date night might require something different. Usually, evening attire calls for dark colors. So, for a memorable night out with your loved ones, you may think along the lines of a pair of chinos with a casual shirt or a sweater. Add some nice loafers and a classy watch to add a sophisticated feel to it while keeping the main outlook casual.

Rock a Hoodie

Are you looking to stay warm and cozy but still look great? Opt for a nice hoodie, but remember a few fashion tips. Just like the tees, avoid the logos and graphics on your hoodie. Also, loud prints and crazy colors are a no-go. Stick to subtle colors and high-quality fabric, as you don’t want to risk looking sloppy. Pair your hoodie with skinny jeans to get that sleek yet edgy look.

Add Layers of Clothing

To make an outfit more appealing but still keep it minimal and casual, try layering different clothes. For example, wear a cardigan over a plain tee or a collared shirt under a sweater. Sometimes it can be tough to hit the mark with the right combination, but try your best to keep it simple, use subtle colors, and don’t overdo patterns.

It is important to note that there’s no universal style that works for everybody. These tips are just guidelines you can follow when experimenting with your style and figure out what suits you best. You don’t always have to follow the fashion trends you see around you, but be yourself as much as possible. It might take some trial and error to discover the best kind of casual outfits for you, especially if you’re keen on keeping it simple. But that’s okay! That’s the fun part of it.