RibbedTee Updates the Classic White Tee

The classic white T has as many variations as it does proponents. We’ve gone from the classic cool of James Dean rocking this men’s staple to everyone’s favorite narcissist Kanye hawking $400 dollar version, and selling them! So where does that leave the modern gentleman on the wearability of this foundational garment? It leaves him with a wealth of options – some dangerous, some classic.

RibbedTee is the latest to throw their hat into the ring with their heathered V-neck. To be honest, I was quite skeptical of their pitch. How, I ask myself, can any plain white tee be THAT different from a $3 Hanes classic? And price means a lot to me because 1) I’m “grew up in the midwest where a dollar goes a long way” cheap, and 2) I have a propensity to aggressively stain my clothes the first time I wear them. I don’t have a big closet because I’m fancy, I have a big closet because it is full of doubles and triples to protect myself.

How does RibbedTee answer this? Well they obviously can’t make me any less clumsy, but their shirts certainly don’t feel or drape like a Hanes. By that I mean, I might just be a convert. These cotton layers of goodness wear like nothing and perfect for a sweltering summer day. Thin and heathered to the point of near see-throughness, the RibbedTee is more flowy and long than your father’s Sears-bought grubby and tight undershirt. The V-neck is wide and aggressive, perfect for differentiating your look, as well as further keeping you cool.

They got me. Those bastards changed my cheap mind and have me converted to the upscale tee. If you’re willing to risk conversion yourself, you should check out a 3 pack for yourself. Pray for me, my closet may never be the same.