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What You Should Know About Teardrop Plugs

Teardrop plugs are one of our favorite styles of stretched-ear jewelry. Outside of a stretched ear, this oddly shaped plug might appear strange, but not on the inside. Are you unsure of the size of teardrop-shaped plugs? Their circumference is used to determine their size. Thus, you can obtain the very same size gauges and tunnels as usual.

Teardrop Plugs

Teardrop Plugs, Tunnels & Gauges

One of the most appealing aspects of body modification is the possibility to accessorize your piercings and extended ears with stunning jewelry. Across some exclusive online stores in Singapore, you could access some of the best, high-quality, and distinctive https://askandembla.net/products/labradorite-teardrop-stone-plugs-pair available.

Whenever it pertains to showing your extended ears, it is not just about aesthetics and design; it is also about convenience. Therefore, you must try many plugs to find out which type is ideal for you!

Teardrop tunnels and gauges are available in various forms, materials, and colors, including orange, blue, indigo, green, and slate grey. As a result, everybody can discover something to their liking and love.

What Are The Materials Your Teardrop Plugs, Tunnels, And Gauges Are Made?

The online store has some of the best and most extensive variety of curved teardrop plugs on the earth! With so many different colors and designs to pick from, it is critical to get the material right.

The different materials used include:

– Wood

– Silicone

– Stone

– Glass

– Opalite

– Rose quartz

All of these elements develop a variety of eye-catching pieces from which to choose. Besides, they are all non-toxic and durable.

Regardless of where you are on your ear stretching adventure, there are various sizes to fit your ear stretching needs. Although not exhaustive, teardrop ear plugs are available in 6-90mm sizes.

Teardrop Plugs

Is It Safe To Wear Teardrop Plugs?

Yes. However, you must only wear them for a limited period. Everyone’s ear is unique, and their ears respond in different ways. Stop wearing the plug and remove it anytime you experience any irritation in your ears.

It is suggested that non-rounded custom-shaped plugs be worn for no over a few hours at a time. Also, do not wear them when you are going to go to bed. Round plugs tend to transmit pressure evenly across the ear.

Non-rounded plugs, on the other hand, create pressure points with time. The size and design of the plugs you employ determine the pressure points. Pressure points are less common with teardrop plugs, although diamond and triangle-shaped plugs could trigger them.

You have likely heard of persons who have had their ears torn or had catastrophic injuries because of poorly shaped plugs. These are, nevertheless, the outcomes of unusual conditions. Often, the occurrence occurred owing to the person’s failure to withdraw the plugs promptly, not because of the plugs’ design.

Now that you understand all about teardrop ear plugs, you can proceed to select one that best suits your particular needs. They are not difficult to work with; all you need to do is be delicate with your ear.