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Luxury Choices For Your Next Trip Away

If you are busy planning a special trip away then you might be looking into different luxury options. If you haven’t been able to venture away for some time, probably due to Covid-19 then this article will give you some inspiration. If a subway or bus just isn’t for you then take a look below for some more unique ideas to see the sights. 


Rent A Yacht 

Are you heading to a tropical paradise with nothing but water for as far as the eye can see? If so, then you could consider renting a yacht. Better yet, check out something like a yacht charter in Bahamas. There’s no better way to explore this exotic location. You’ll be provided with a crew to take you to the different islands and be able to retreat to a wonderful bedroom aboard your yacht at the conclusion of each day. 

Take A Train Ride 

Alternatively, you could think about going on a wonderful train ride for your next trip away. We know what you’re thinking. How on earth is a train ride luxurious? Well, the answer is it depends on the train. For instance, you could book a trip on the Orient Express. This is both expensive and incredible. It will provide you with a completely fresh perspective of countless beautiful places across Europe. You can also book a sleeper where you will be able to spend more than a few days on the train gazing out at incredible views and picturesque landscapes. Be warned though, this could be far one of the most expensive options on this list and yes, we’re including that yacht charter. 

Drive An Incredible Vehicle 

Or, how about taking the reins on an incredible vehicle yourself. Did you know that there are places in the world where you can race a Ferrari around a test track? There is and we do recommend you get a package that comes with insurance because accidents can and often will happen. Or, you could head to a place like Dubai and go duning? This involves racing over sand dunes in a dune buggy. It’s one of the most popular and craziest tourist traps that is local to this desert paradise. Is that still not what you’re looking for? How about riding a water jet pack high above waves? Once you start searching you’ll find you are spoiled for choice here. 

Take A Helicopter Flight 

Finally, if you want to arrive somewhere in style or see the sights from above then the only way to do this is via a helicopter. If you are feeling particularly brave for instance, you could take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. This is one of the best ways to see the Canyon and you won’t want to miss it. Many countries offer helicopter rides over the city, take a trip at night to see how much the city lights up for you. There will be plenty of gasps and wows when you get a birdseye view from your helicopter seat. Have your camera ready.