Commuting Arrow Boards

Factors To Consider When Hiring Arrow Boards For Traffic Control

There are a wide range of equipment available for traffic control. From variable message signs, portable traffic lights, and speed limit lights to arrow boards.  Electric signage is a great tool to communicate important traffic information to road users. Arrow boards are often used to communicate with drivers of lane closures and road changes. They provide a driver with direction changes and help manage traffic by giving appropriate directions on active roads.  Thus they are highly important tool for traffic control

Here are the features you need to consider when hiring an arrow board.

Easy to operate and control 

It is frustrating and a little unsafe when you are operating a technical equipment that is difficult to control on site. Use arrow boards that are easy to understand and use; one that do not require special training to operate. The push button should allow for effortless operation and it should have an LED status indicator to make programming of operations on site simpler. Additionally, it is important to go for arrow boards whose raise and lower function are controlled by hydraulics to improve on site safety.

Eco friendly

When you hire traffic control equipment, it is important to consider the impact they have on the environment. The arrow board should operate effectively and effectively with a minimal impact on the environment. Today there are solar powered arrow board which eliminates the use of fuel or power from mains to operate. This will allow you save energy as well as reduce the carbon emissions. Hire equipment with low energy consumption of power without compromising on the brightness. 

Multiple configurations

The LED lights on the arrow board should have multiple configurations to enable it display different arrows i.e. double arrows, single arrows and lights. This is important because it allows you to program equipment based of the traffic control requirements. For instance, a double arrow can be used to inform the driver that it is not safe to travel through an intersection or a motorist must turn either right or left. A single arrow configuration position in the left lane but point right, may be used in case a lane is closed and the motorized should merge into the right lane. 

Highly visible

Arrow boards are crucial traffic control equipment that need to be seen by every motorist. They should be fitted with powerful lights that can be seen from a distance. This will gives the driver ample time to take the desired action whether it is to merge either left or right or to the closure of a lane. The arrow boards should be fitted with amber LED lights to ensure that the lights can be seen clearly even during the day and in conditions where the weather isn’t favorable.

Drivers and motorist can become frustrated if they are stuck in traffic with no solution or no knowing why the traffic has come to a standstill. With arrow boards, you provide the appropriate directions to the drivers to guide them through the traffic. Thus, it is important to hire traffic control equipment such as arrow boards to reduce traffic congestion and create a safer working environment.