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firework Photo by Marisol Benitez on Unsplash

Useful Tips for Putting on an Amazing Fireworks Show

Summertime is rapidly approaching. With the changing seasons comes the desire to get together a little more often and possibly throw a celebration or two. There’s also the opportunity to take advantage of seeing some glorious fireworks on Independence Day. Since the Fourth of July only happens once a year, you may want to put on an amazing fireworks show instead of the boring public displays of previous years. Here are a few tips and ideas we’re putting on a magnificent fireworks show for your next holiday celebration.

Safety considerations for putting on a fireworks show

No one wants to get hurt, fined, or arrested. If handled improperly, fireworks can be quite dangerous. You never want to light or place them near your body. Likewise, never give them to young children to play with, especially after they’re lit! Take the obvious safety precautions – don’t use anything illegal, don’t let kids play with fireworks, keep a bucket of water nearby, etc – it’s wise and responsible to know your state fireworks laws.. Every state is different, but most allow some type of fireworks during certain times of the year. It’s best to stay safe and have fun while avoiding injury to persons or property. 

What to bring to a fireworks show

While one could simply show up and enjoy a fireworks display, there are a few items you can bring to enhance the experience. If you’re having a barbecue to accompany the fireworks show, then consider bringing a few blankets to sit on and extra food/drinks for everyone to enjoy during the show. It’s probably going to be a bit warm, so you may want to bring an ice pack and some extra bottled water, or take a cue from Japanese fireworks festivals and bring a small fan to keep yourself cool on a hot summer night. You’ll also want to bring the fireworks and don’t forget to invite some friends along!

How to budget for your celebration

It may not be the most enjoyable part of planning a party, but budgets are kind of important. Buying some amazing fireworks for your celebration piece-by-piece can get expensive, not to mention confusing. It can also be a pain because manufacturers often mark-up the price 200-300 percent during the holiday. Purchasing bulk fireworks online is the best bet for avoiding this, as most online companies do not participate in egregious, inflated prices. Regardless of your budget, a wholesale purchase can provide more value. If you’re on a smaller budget, ground effects and novelties are the way to go. If you can expand a bit more, then you’ll want to take advantage of aerial effects or a mix of different fireworks to create an amazing show during your celebration.

Trying out some new fireworks styles

While aerials, fountains, and spinners can be fun, you may be in the mood to try out a new type of firework this year. Ask yourself what type of new fireworks styles are you interested in exploring and start doing some research online. Some fireworks wholesale sites will have a thorough list of options, with detailed information and occasional demonstration videos to aid in the research process. Find your way to a reputable fireworks website to check out some of the styles you may be interested in trying. Looking for something that’ll pop and dazzle an audience with a fast barrage of flashes or a display that’ll create a cool design in the sky? Are you interested in trying out an aerial barrage-style finale for your own show? Either way, adding something new to your fireworks repertoire is certain to impress your friends and make for one heck of a memorable show.

General tips for putting on a fireworks display

Once the party’s budget and type of fireworks have been sorted out, you’re ready for the show. Here are some general tips for getting the most out of your party:

  • Set up your show during the daytime, but wait until nightfall to begin the show.
  • Purchase only high-quality fireworks from reputable sources.
  • Select a flat area, free of grass or other potentially flammable items.
  • Keep a full bucket of water handy, just in case.
  • Keep some emergency supplies on hand.
  • Plan where your crowd will stand and where your firing line will be. They should be distinctly separated.
  • Celebrate without drinking alcohol. Impairment and fireworks don’t mix.
  • Always verify the legality of the fireworks in advance of purchase or use. 
  • Follow your state’s specific laws and guidelines for fireworks use in your area. 
  • Watch out for high winds.

These tips should help you get the most out of your fireworks show and perhaps even forge a brand new tradition that’ll last for a long time to come.