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Bodyweight Exercises

Proven Ways to Get in Shape at Home

We all want to reach our fitness goals as soon as possible and without investing too much of our efforts. Luckily, you can get in shape and have your dream body without visiting the gym, and all of it from your home. Truth to be said, depending on your fitness goal, there are different routines to be implemented in your daily functioning. For having leaner muscles, you need to combine your diet and well-structured workouts including cardio, HIIT, and weights; on the other hand, if bulk is your prime choice, you need to focus on weights and an in-protein rich diet, and if you intend on staying in shape, then home workouts will do, and here are a couple of ways how. 

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Make the Structure of Your Fitness Plan 

Every well-structured fitness plan has five components to it. These include a warmup, cardio or aerobic workout, resistance or strength workout, flexibility, and mobility moves, and cooldown or stretching sessions. Speaking of the warmup, there are plenty of things you can do and some of them include long walks outside, riding a bike, or using a jump rope. The point is to get your body warmed up for the following workout session. When it comes to cardio, there are loads of different things you can do varying from following the complex cardio routine of your favorite YT tutorials or using the very same jumping rope we have already mentioned; it is only important to make your heart rate spike. If you do not know how to do your resistance portion then you can find a whole bunch of useful tips at and upgrade your working out sessions considerably. Some of the exercises you should do when it comes to strength workouts are squats, pushups, and some abdominal exercises, or you can simply include small dumbells, bands, tubes, or weight bars. Lastly, you should put a special accent on your flexibility by doing some stretches or yoga poses. 

How to Get Started? 

There are some procedures you need to follow when it comes to getting in shape if you are a beginner, then you should consider getting 30 minutes of cardio at least three times a week and some strength workouts lasting from 20 to 30 minutes at least two to three times a week. The thing you should think of is getting to cover all of the targeted muscle groups going from your upper body to the lower body including the abdominals and inevitably back. Depending on your form, you should set up the number of sets and you need to have 10-15 repetitions of every exercise you have in your routine. It does not matter what workout you are hitting for the day, it is crucial for you to start it slowly and gradually increase it in intensity. It is of immense importance to focus on the isolated muscle group. So make the plan of the muscle group you are doing that day. Start with the warmup, hit the targeted muscle group, and finish it up with stretching and cool down. 

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Set Yourself Challenges 

One of the ways to stick to your home workouts for a longer period of time is to constantly challenge yourself when it comes to your workout for that day. Firstly, at home, you will not have a whole bunch of equipment and classes you can get at the gym. So, a good thing you can do is browse the internet and find the routines or the tutorials for some challenges lasting for a month or two, or you can even get the fitness apps that are aimed at people working out at home. Also, it is much easier to have someone you will work out with, and having your working out partner is a great opportunity for both of you to improve your physique. On the other hand, just as it is earlier mentioned, it is crucial to schedule your workouts and have a precise plan on how you will do these exercises. If you do not have the exact plan and just keep on working on random exercises, then you will see no progress. Another very positive thing you can do is to have your journal where you will note down your progress and keep track of it. 

Getting in shape from home seems demanding because of the distractions we usually have at home. But in reality, there are tons of workouts and simple routine changes we can do for achieving our perfect physique without spending hours at the gym.