Grab a Beer. Enjoy a Movie. Have Fun.

“Grab a Beer. Enjoy a Movie. Have Fun.”

What a statement for Tim League, CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, to end with at the launch of his brand new location off of Colfax in Denver, Colorado. Not only was it setting the mood for the evening, but truly one that every Alamo Drafthouse I have been to has lived up to. This theater is not just some indy location to take in a flick; it’s an experience meant to enhance the movie-going experience with out-of-the-ordinary features, mindsets, and ambiance. Let’s break it down.

Pre-Movie Commercials
Gone. I mean truly gone. The last movie I took in, I was graced with clips of Korean flicks dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles all before the movie started. A few little unique clips popped up of upcoming film festivals, theme months, and special movie releases (The Matrix and The Fifth Element on the big screen again?!), but gone are the horrible movie news, local commercials, and horribly produced pieces encouraging you to go to the lobby.

Cell Phone Use Gets You Removed

They take this very serious. You won’t just receive a ‘shh’ or ’tisk-tisk’ in these theaters. One warning and then removal from the theater with no reentry. Alamo Drafthouse wants you to enjoy the movie, not get distracted by the little screen in your hand. So put it down for a few hours, sit back, eat some delicious food, and watch the damn movie. And trust me – they will catch you.

Let’s Talk Food

Have you ever watched “Last of the Mohicans” and thought ‘Hmm…this could have a perfect meal paired with it”? No? Well, that’s too bad but nothing you need to worry about. The regional chefs at the Alamo Drafthouses have put some thought into random menu inspiring movies like this and have come up with incredibly delicious dishes to enjoy with the movies. And even if you aren’t in the mood for a paired meal, you can order everything from bottomless popcorn to adult milkshakes to full meals to enjoy during the film. Want more midway through? Don’t worry – they will bring it to you without disrupting the experience.`

Of all the meals I have enjoyed at Alamo Drafthouse, I have never been disappointed. And each one is a bit different. The menu for the new Denver Alamo Drafthouse included kimchi fries (yum), a hatch green chili burger (mother of god), and ice cream from the local Little Man Ice Cream (drool). Let’s be serious – when’s the last time you had any of those at a theater with a movie? Never. Don’t lie.

The Seats

I’ll come out and say it – not many theaters can match the comfort of these giant, oversized leather seats. No more crappy vinyl stickiness to suffer through with a movie. You sit in these chairs and have a great view in complete comfort as you take in the whole movie. And the theaters are a little smaller than standard, so there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Remember – the Alamo Drafthouse is designed to enhance the movie experience, not feed you through like cattle.

The Costs

When’s the last time you went to your standard chain movie theater and thought to yourself ‘Yes, that whole experience was worth all the money I just spent’. Don’t lie to yourself – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? You won’t be experiencing that at the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver, or any other location, for that matter. Reservable seat tickets are the same price as the local theater, and the food is incredibly affordable. Are you looking for the perfect date night location without breaking the bank? You can easily walk out of Alamo Drafthouse having had a full meal and a movie for less than $50 for two people. The last time I went to a chain theater, I spent more than that on just popcorn, a soda, and movies…and I still felt empty inside.

Let’s face it. We’ve been forced into shitty movie situations, missing out on that enhanced experience we’ve all craved. In the case of the newest Alamo Drafthouse in Denver along with all the locations though, there is an option to bring the fun back. I would even dare to say that Alamo Drafthouse has made movies great again.

If you’re in Denver, head on out to Alamo Drafthouse in Sloan’s Lake, enjoy a new or classic flick with delicious food, and finish the night in the aptly themed Barfly with delicious cocktails and great, live music.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alamo Drafthouse. The opinions and text are all mine.