Soufflé Milanaise

The Delicate Soufflé Milanaise

The traditional soufflé is made with an egg yolk custard base and fluffed up with egg white and then baked till brown and almost double in size. Most of the time your soufflé will not have cooked properly and a sinkhole will drop as soon as you take it out of the oven. Here is a recipe for a failsafe soufflé, it is a bit different from the one mentioned above. Soufflé Milanaise is an uncooked and cold soufflé. Yes, that would make it a mousse, but this has a very chill and tongue tingling lemon flavor, very simple and very delicate.

Lemon Juice              5tbs
Eggs, separated        4 eggs
Powdered Gelatin  1tbs
Caster Sugar              200 g
Whipped cream       200 ml

Bloom the gelatin in 2 tbsp of water, leave it to soak in the water. Take the four egg yolks and stir them over a warm double boiler, add the sugar and lemon juice. Keep on stirring till the now custard becomes thick. Mix in a tablespoon of warm water with the gelatin, then mix the gelatin into the warm custard. Stir well to avoid lumps. Leave the custard to cool, meanwhile beat the egg whites till stiff.

Fold the custard into the stiff whites and gradually add in the whipped cream while folding. Do not overmix. Take a small bowl, in which you will serve the soufflé, and wrap a silver foil collar around the rim so that it sticks out upwards. Pour the soufflé into the bowl and let it overflow to fill up to the rim of the foil. Leave it to set in a refrigerator till it sets. Remove the foil collar, the soufflé should have set and now support itself. It should resemble a regular baked soufflé.

You may garnish it with chopped pistachios. Unlike a traditional soufflé which can have a wide range of variations, this type of soufflé does not. This dish, more or less, comes under the category of a dessert mousse, and made to appear like a soufflé. Though you can add some other flavors to it, don’t go putting any cheese or veggies in it!