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How To Prepare Your Motorbike For Summer Rides

Lots of car and truck owners and motoring enthusiasts also own a motorbike. You’re undoubtedly one of those people as you’re reading this blog post today!

If you use your motorbike for weekend rides and special occasions, it’s likely you won’t be riding your motorcycle as often as most bike owners. Because of that fact, you’ll need to ensure you adjust your maintenance checks and tasks accordingly.

The following tips and tricks explain what you should be doing to keep your motorbike roadworthy and ready for all summer outings:

Carry Out A Full Service Twice A Year

First of all, you should consider conducting a full service on your motorbike twice a year instead of just once. Why should you increase your servicing frequency, you might ask yourself?

A full service isn’t just about changing the oil. It also includes a series of checks on the mechanical aspects of your motorcycle to ensure its reliability and your safety on the road.

It also gives you the chance to rectify any minor problems that could potentially lead to major, expensive issues. For example, you might notice that you’ve got a cracked muffler that could get worse over time due to heat stress.

Recharge The Battery

The battery on your motorbike is an essential component. Without it, you won’t be riding your motorcycle anywhere! You can probably ignore this section if you leave your battery plugged into a smart charger when you aren’t riding it.

Otherwise, recharge your battery to full capacity for added peace of mind. After all, you don’t want to end up stranded somewhere far from home because you’ve got a flat battery!

Consider purchasing another battery to keep at home as a spare, and periodically charge that battery to full capacity as well.

Get The Right Accessories

There is no point in going out for summer rides or road trips on your motorbike if you don’t have the right accessories. That’s why it makes sense to invest in some, according to your requirements.

Another tip is to try and stick with accessories from your motorbike’s manufacturer. For example, if you own a BMW motorcycle, look for stockists of authorized BMW motorcycle accessories. That’s because you’ll always have products that are a perfect fit or match for your two-wheeled machine.

The accessories you need will depend on your requirements. For instance, you may want a smartphone cradle made for your specific model.

Check Your Tires

One final thing to do is check your tires. As you can appreciate, tires don’t last forever – even if they don’t have any issues like punctures, rips, or tears on the sidewalls or elsewhere.

As with cars, you can buy motorcycle tires for specific road conditions and seasons. If you only tend to ride your motorbike in the summer, it makes sense to purchase soft compound tires designed for use in the summer months.Confused about which tires to get? It’s worth speaking to a professional tire provider for advice or checking out some online tire reviews.