A Short Guide For Short Length

Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! This is an example of a typical conversation in the summer when I’m wearing my shorts that are about two inches above my knee. I like to follow the rule of thirds in my choices of attire. For those unaware, it’s a principle used while composing visual images that split up the canvas into thirds. The rule is said to create more energy and interest when used correctly. Who’s to say we can’t use it when creating an image for ourselves?

The reason I mention this rule is to apply to my short’s length; my first third is my shoes, second third is my bare legs, and the final third is my shorts. Shorts that are too long make you look shorter because the thirds are at an imbalance. Anything past your knee is generally too long. Shorts that are too short, well, you better have Victoria Secret model legs if you’re wearing shorts too short.

Maybe you don’t like showing that much leg or don’t feel comfortable in shorts that end above the knee. For the everyday man, 11” shorts hit right in the middle of the knee or slightly above are perfectly acceptable. I generally reserve this for the people just starting in the fashion game or older men where it is less acceptable to be extreme in clothing choices.

The 7” shorts usually fall in the two inch above the knee category. Reserved for the people who are comfortable with their body and know what looks good. Don’t be shocked if you get people wondering why you’re wearing short shorts. You’re not; they’re just jealous they don’t have the muchachos to pull them off.

Yeah, I squat bro! Ah, the infamous 5” shorts. Reserved for the people with muscular legs or the risk takers. I don’t recommend them, but if you can pull them off, kudos. You really have to be comfortable with your body to wear these.

As with most of my articles, don’t take these tips as rules, take them as recommendations. Height is dependent on how the shorts will fit you. If you’re a 6’6” guy, the 11” shorts will probably fit like the 7” and if you’re 5’4” the 7” will fit like the 11”. Go experiment and find out what looks good on you.