Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day

There’s a lot of focus on the muscles of the upper body in the male fitness community. Everyone wants that perfect combination of chiseled abs, plate-like chest, and bulging biceps.

What’s more, most people get there – or at least make considerable progress. But then when you cast your eye below the belt, the sight you see is a heck of a lot less impressive. And, no, we’re not talking about your gentleman’s vegetables. We’re talking about those scrawny legs. 

Leg day is essential for building a balanced physique. But many gym-goers only pay it token attention. 

You can understand why this happens. Legs are not “show muscles” and, to add insult to injury, they’re the most draining to train. You feel a lot fresher after a 100 reps on the bench press than you do after 100 squats. 

Friends, however, need to look out for their gym buddies and make sure that they work their legs regularly. It might be a chore, but it beats winding up looking like Gru from Despicable Me. 

So how do you encourage your friends to train their legs? More to the point, how do you support yourself? 

It Helps Increase Muscle-Building Hormones In Your Body

Training legs requires more resources and effort than training any of the muscle groups in your upper body. But that’s actually a good thing. The struggle is so great that it induces your body to create a more “anabolic” environment, helping you add more upper body muscle too. 

It Boosts Workout Variety

If you want your training to be sustainable, you need to ensure that you create enough variety in your routine. Just going through the motions week after week will eventually bore you – or your gym buddy – and you’ll be more inclined to give up. 

Introducing a leg day now and again helps to keep things interesting. Plus, you feel as if you’ve achieved something when you finish training your legs. It is a rewarding experience. 

It Helps To Improve Your Nervous System

The central nervous system plays a profound role in the mind muscle connection. But improving it so that it can fire off more signals to your muscles is a challenge, especially if you focus solely on the upper body. 

Legs muscles put a far more extreme burden on the nerves that supply them with signals from the brain. So while it is intense, it actually helps to bolster the nervous system over time, helping you with every workout. 

You Avoid Becoming A Meme

Nobody wants to be that guy in the gym with a massive chest but skinny legs. It just looks silly, especially when somebody decides to be funny and post it on social media. Leg day helps you avoid this ridicule and get the praise you deserve for all your hard work. 

So, in summary, friends don’t let friends skip leg day. It is vital for creating a strong, balanced, and robust physique. Anything less, and people put their bodies at risk of injury.