Article Photography by Edgar Obrand

The Right Bags for your Vagabond Lifestyle

Give a round of applause for all of you out there who are freelancers, entrepreneurs, and create your own road to your own success. Those who decided that they don’t want to fall into the traditional mainstream career system and trust their work enough that they can create their own way of living. Those who are photographers, bloggers, musicians, consultants, and graphic designers that have mastered their skills enough that they have found a way to create a living on their own terms, their own time, and ultimately paved their own road in life. These are the real modern day vagabonds and Hex’s newest campaign starts off this year appreciating just that.

Their newest bags for Spring 2016 are clean, functional, and durable enough to handle the abuse of your regular travels. You have your selection of premium materials from herringbone plaid to wax coated canvas and different materials in between. My favorite part about their bags is the attention to detail. No zipper is left without a leather tab, the compartments for storage essentials are tucked neatly away for maximum capacity, and the laptop pockets are lined with faux-fur to protect your device from scratches, there’s even padded tablet pockets strategically placed on the outer part of the bag for easy access. As a freelancer myself, I find their backpacks perfect for accommodating my essentials safely with enough room for all my other necessities without loosing its shape. For the business trips, Hex has a plethora of bags to choose from including my travel bag of choice, the sneaker duffel. A bag that holds all your needs including an extra two pairs of my kicks to go because you might just need to step into a pair of oxfords from a pair of Air Max 90’s. Whether you need a duffel bag for your vagabond weekend needs or need a backpack that can hold its own, Hex has you covered. I’ll leave you here with words from the source itself:


We want freedom – freedom to wander through life on our own terms.  Feeding that wanderlust while controlling our destiny is the new brass ring.  We wander, not because we are lost, but because we enjoy the adventure.  But on our journey, flop houses and dirty hostels have instead been replaced with stunning visions in glass, steel and stone.  We blur the lines between nature and civilization, between the rat race and chasing down our dreams.  Each stop along the way scratches an itch, and plants new seeds of imagination.  We take time to watch colors unfold across a landscape lit with possibility.   So come along with us as we explore the sights and mark time to the soundtrack of our souls.