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How to Look Sharp in the Summer Heat

We all want to look sharp and stay cool when we’re on vacation, but it’s not always easy to combine style with comfort when the sun is beating down. Choose the right clothing for your vacation, and you won’t have to worry about looking sharp whether you’re relaxing or partying. 

Wear Aviators 

Aviators were invented in the 1930s. They were invented by a Canadian company and designed specifically for pilots. That’s not an urban myth. In fact, aviators are an ideal set of shades for pilots since they provide excellent overall coverage and have a reflective coating like helmets.  

However, they are also ideal for looking sharp in the summer. Aviators might be perfect for pilots, but they are no longer specifically used for aviators. A pair of aviator shades offer the perfect protection for the beach or for strolling down the walkway on a coastal vacation and in the city. 

Right Fabrics 

When you’re in the sun, you don’t want to look as though you are under the weather; instead, you want to look cool when it’s hot. The best way to achieve this is to wear the right fabrics, ones that are breathable and help remove sweat from the body instead of accumulating more of it. 

So what are the right fabrics to choose? In general, choose natural fabrics like hemp, cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. When you choose clothing made from these fabrics, you will look sharp and feel cool on your hot summer vacation, whether you head to a resort or go on a road trip.  

Fashionable Hats

If you hadn’t noticed, the sun is getting hotter! Although the exact temperature of the sun doesn’t vary much – it goes up and down marginally – the greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere stops solar radiation from leaving the planet and traps it instead. This makes it easier to burn. 

When you’re on vacation this summer, make sure you wear plenty of high-factor sunscreen, especially on your head and face. Additionally, wear a hat that effectively shields your head and face and prevents burning when you are relaxing at the pool or the beach. Straw hats work well. 

Sharp Accessories 

Heading off on vacation is not all about the sun, sea, and sand; it’s also about the nightlife and the parties. Everybody wants to look their best when they head to a party on vacation, so make sure you bring enough clothing and accessories to look sharp with a glass of champers in hand. 

You can never go wrong with gold, and this Picture Necklace is both classy and unique. When you invest in a picture necklace, you buy an item that goes beyond typical fashion trends and can be worn on various occasions throughout your life. A picture necklace is sharp and stylish. 

Loose Clothing  

The last thing you want to wear tight clothing on your vacation. While you might love certain fashion items that are tight in style, they aren’t the best choice in hot summer weather. Conversely, loose clothing is easy to wear and keeps you cool even on the hottest days.