Coach, Philp Crangi, New York

Coach + Philip Crangi

When I saw Coach teamed up with Philip Crangi I instantly had two thoughts: Who is Philip Crangi and I’ve never owned a Coach item? Thanks to google I quickly figured out who Philip Crangi is, but was still left with the deeper question. Frankly, I still don’t know the answer, but I do now have Philip Crangi’s designs to thank for opening the door to Coach for me.

Coach, Philip Crangi, New York, Braided

Certainly many men today would still scoff at the idea of jewelry, but watch the video of Philip working below and any pre-conceived notions of femininity are quickly replaced with thoughts of Ron Swanson, who has become the quintessential male in popular culture. Not to mention, Philip was trained as a goldsmith which, for lack of better words, is pretty awesome. For his line for Coach he invoked some nautical imagery with braided leathers and raw brass which coupled with his New York experience gave Philip’s work a more masculine edge than I initially would have expected from coach.

Coach, Philp Crangi, New York, Key Chain

Undoubtedly sold on the look I began incorporating one of the key chains and a couple bracelets into my every day wear and, truthfully, I was nervous how friends would react to me wearing bracelets. While I don’t know if I underestimated my friends’ maturity or my own confidence, the designs have been incredibly well received. However, if you aren’t ready to become a man of bracelets then start slow with a lanyard key chain or a belt from the collection. My guess is that no matter what you pick it will become part of your everyday look and in my case may even have you rethinking your wardrobe to better match Phlip Crangi’s designs.