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Ingenious Ways Of Proposing

Proposing are not what they used to be just a few decades ago. Back then, the norm still was to ask the parents’ of the bride for their daughter’s hand in marriage, which usually followed a long conversation with the dad – better yet, an interrogation of what their future will look like, which needless to say, might have made the groom-to-be seriously reconsider his next move. If he did decide to propose, it was usually during a romantic dinner, which is of course a classy and “safe” way to go about it. However, nowadays, the story goes a bit differently. The parents are usually left out of the equation, and the couple discusses their future and the proposal long before it actually happens. But here’s the fun part; some men like to go out of their way and pull the biggest, most unusual surprise their bride can’t possibly see coming. Here are a few “sneaky” ways to pop the big question. 

Propose in her dream 

Proposing while she’s sleeping is the least stressful, sneaky, but utterly romantic way to go about it. What this type of proposal entails is basically putting the ring on your love’s finger while she’s asleep. This way, she wakes up to the new sparkly ring on her hand, and that’s when you get down on your knee to actually ask her the big question. Worst case scenario: she says no and takes it off, but that’s not likely to happen, especially if you’re both on the same page. Best case scenario: she’ll think she’s dreaming, and it’s the kind of dream she won’t ever have to wake up from. 

Take her “shopping”  

Nine out of ten women can’t wait to go shopping. And when they can bring their men along, it’s like hitting a double jackpot. If your love is one of those nine women, surprise her with an outing that involves shopping. Make it sound like you’re taking her on a shopping adventure and then take her to the jewelry store she likes. Of course, make sure to give her the budget limit, and have her look at engagement rings just for fun. Once she’s set her heart on a certain cut and diamond, that’s when you make your move; get down on one knee and do what comes naturally after that. 

At the end of the day, the trick is not to let her see you proposing coming. Keep it casual, small, and then wow her when she least expects it.