Exploring Chicago through Food and Drink

Chicago has hundreds of home-delivery services, restaurants, and bars that are adored by locals and visitors alike. The windy city is of course famous for its deep dish pizza offerings, but you can’t eat the same thing every day. So if you are planning a trip to Chicago, moving here, or just looking for a great eatery to mix it up a little, this guide is the one for you. 

The Best Pizza

When it comes to pizza, Chicago has its own unique brand. There are hundreds of places to try out, the biggest task will be to narrow it down! Starting with the best reviewed establishments is a safe move, and like everything in the city, there are a lot. Pay a visit to The Piece, or a classic deli like Bongiorno’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria for an authentic food experience. 

For Grilled Food

The eateries here are also big on grilled food and diner-style varieties as well. To name a few you have Honey 1 BBQ, Bub City, Green Street Smoked Meats, Babygold Barbecue, Chicago Q, Earl’s BBQ, and Smoque BBQ. The list could go on forever, but if you love the classic barbecue style grilled meat platters then these eating spots have to make it to your try list. 

Thinking About Drinks

If you fancy a night on the town, then you really are in the right place. Try Tony’s Rooftop Bar for a unique experience overlooking the Chicago skyline where you can spot some of the famous sights of the city. There are artisan cocktails, and a selection of beers and wine to try out as well. If cocktails are your thing, then it’s worth exploring The Office, an eye-catching space filled with vintage office-style furniture like leather chairs and intriguing artwork. 

For a Night In

If you don’t fancy going out every night you could try some of the great take-out businesses in the city instead. There are services for alcohol delivery that cover most of Chicago, which is ideal for social gatherings and chill nights in with your fellow travelers or local friends. Plus, you can complement it with a selection of food as well. 

The Walking Tours

You can’t visit Chicago without experiencing one of the many amazing walking tour options on offer. These set off every day around the city and stop at the popular spots for eating and drinking. You can buy tickets online or turn up on the day and join in for a fee. It’s a brilliant way to discover more than you might on your own. However, you could make a map from some of the places listed above and create a bespoke tour to embark upon with your social group too. 

Where To Start

The big question you’ll need to answer is where to start. To narrow it down, pick your favorite food first and a bar that matches well with it for after you have finished eating. This should be the first place you go and after this, there are endless possibilities to move onto. It’s fun to step outside of your usual comfort zone, especially when visiting a food and drink culture icon like Chicago, so get out there and dip your toe in the water. 

Chicago has a lot when it comes to places to get a bite to eat or find a tasty beverage. Residents and travelers will never run out of options and there are so many with thousands of positive reviews that the choices are endless. Make sure you check out what people have to say before you stop by, but remember if you don’t like one place there’s always another great stop waiting around the corner.