Office Style: How Your Suit Can Stand Out

Being stylish in the office is harder than people think. It can be easy to slip into super casual clothes, especially if you’re not facing any customers. That’s fine, but there are ways you can do it that adds a bit of style of personality. If you have to wear a suit, this is where it can get quite difficult. A suit is a suit, simple. It’s hard to add any style or personality to it. There are ways. Some of the tips might not suit you and the way you like to look, but others might. Give them a go, a bit of consideration might just give you the right idea for a new look.

Shoes Make The Suit

No point wearing an expensive suit if you’re going to ruin it with ill fitting shoes. They come in all different styles and colours. You can go traditional, with sleek black or you can get a patterned shoe to add a bit of personality to the piece. Remember, certain colours go better with different suits. Brown shoes look better with a navy blue suit, for example. It’s always worth spending a bit of money for a decent pair of shoes. Cheap ones can end up giving you blisters, or hurting your feet. It’s also worth getting some Men’s Business Bamboo Socks to ease the rubbing. If the laces don’t look or feel right you can always change these out too. If your favourite shoes are getting a little tired, don’t replace, you can get them resoled or taken to a cobbler to give them a tidy.

The Tie Says A Lot

Picking the tie can be as easy or hard as you make it. You can get them in all styles and colours. Most people wear a simple tie to match the suit they’re wearing, but a lot will wear stranger ties to show what they enjoy in terms of films, hobbies, and sports. Showing a little personality through your tie is a good thing, but you need to make sure it’s tasteful and that it still has an element of style to it. Otherwise you might find yourself becoming the office laughing stock. On top of this, there are many ways to tie a tie, but no way is right or wrong. Some may make the knot look a little different, but in the main just do what’s easier and quicker in the morning. You can even tie it, take it off then just tighten it up later when you get to the office.

Shirt Conundrums

Getting the right shirt is one of the toughest of all. In the summer, a lot of men will cast off their suit jacket, meaning you need to get the shirt right if you want your style to be on point. You can’t go wrong with white as it suits anything, but then you can look at certain patterns for the shirt. If you want to go bold with a colour make sure it matches the overall suit and the shoes. Pastel colours are great in shirts. Especially light ones in the summer. Make sure you get one with a changeable sleeve. Meaning you can roll it up if it gets a little hot in the office which it usually does.