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Ditching The Hotel For A Luxe Cottage Instead

When going on vacation, one of the most important decisions you need to make is where to reside for the duration of your stay. You will have lots of different options at your disposal, from hotels to B&Bs. However, most people will agree that a luxe cottage is the best selection. 

There are many benefits to be gained by going down this route. You will be able to take advantage of some of the most stunning settings with beautiful views on offer. Also a lot of people or shocked to discover that vacation cottages are actually cheaper than the likes of hotels. This is because you are quoted a set weekly price no matter how many people stay in the cottage. 

You also get much more freedom to enjoy your vacation as you wish. You are not restricted by other guests or dining hours. However, many people will agree that the real benefit lies within the added luxury you will gain from staying in a cottage. If you want your vacation to have that extra special edge, a cottage is the only option. After all, why shouldn’t we treat ourselves?

When looking for a vacation cottage on the Internet, whether going on a Houston, Texas, or Pigeon Forge trip in TN, there are lots of factors you will take into account in order to find the best cottage for you. One thing you should look out for is the facilities provided. Of course, you will make sure that the cottage has standard facilities, such as facilities for cooking and washing. However, you should also look for the things that are going to make your vacation extra special. For instance, there are a lot of cottages in the US that come complete with a private hot tub. Imagine unwinding amongst the warm bubbles while sipping on a nice glass of wine or even some bubbly! It’s unlikely that this is something that you will do every day, and isn’t that what a vacation is all about?

One of the reasons why people like to stay in hotels is because they want to have access to a swimming pool. But did you know that they are a lot of cottages in the US that actually have their own private swimming pool? This is much better than any hotel could be. You will be able to enjoy the pool as you wish. You won’t have to worry about other guests.  If you want to swim in the middle of the night then nothing is stopping you. This is an example of how cottages provide you with the freedom to enjoy your vacation exactly how you want to. There will be no restrictions in your way.

When cottages really show their worth is during the summer months. When the weather is warm, you will get to take advantage of everything a cottage has to offer you. Typically cottages have large gardens. This gives you the chance to relax outdoors and if you have children they will certainly enjoy the pleasure of a garden as opposed to being stuck in a hotel room. You will also likely have a barbeque. In the USA, we all love nothing more than cooking burgers and sausages on the barbeque once the sun is out. Relax and have fun with the people you love the most!