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Simple Ways To Switch Up Your Personal Style

Some people are confident when it comes to putting outfits together, but many men struggle to embrace trends and celebrate their personal style. If you’re looking for tips to switch up your style or diversify your wardrobe, here are some tricks to try. 

Build a capsule wardrobe

The simplest, most effective way to ensure you look great no matter the occasion is to build a capsule wardrobe. The main aim of a capsule collection is to form the basis of stylish looks you can create in an instant at any time of year. To form your capsule wardrobe, start with the basics. For a casual, easy-to-wear wardrobe, invest in high-quality, well-fitted tees, jeans and trousers, a blazer and some plain shirts and sweaters. Once you have the essentials, which you can mix and match to create an array of looks, you can add seasonal pieces to channel new trends, add interest and inject color. Think about a basic, fitted white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. In the winter, you can add a sweater, a coat, a hat and a pair of trainers or boots. In the spring, swap a heavy-duty coat for a mac, trench coat or lightweight parka and opt for plimsolls. When it’s hot in the summer, add flip-flops, espadrilles or sandals and finish the look with a pair of sunglasses. As well as catering to the conditions, you can also dress up basics for dates, nights out or more formal occasions. Swap a t-shirt for a crisp, tailored shirt and add a blazer and brogues or opt for a pair of loafers and a short-sleeved shirt for a cool evening look in the summer. 

Prioritize comfort and fit

Over the last 12 months, many of us have been dressing for comfort while working from home and spending weekends in front of the TV or strolling through parks instead of going out or meeting up with friends and family. When it comes to celebrating your personal style, it’s important to be comfortable, as well as to feel great when you look in the mirror. You want to be confident in what you’re wearing. The fit of clothing can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and style. Some people like to wear more fitted clothing, while others prefer looser fits. Try different styles, see how you feel and don’t be afraid to mix and match depending on where you’re going, what you’re doing and what kind of mood you’re in. 

Activewear, loungewear and sportswear have become hugely popular in recent years, and you can now cross both comfort and style boxes with pieces like cool tracksuits from the men’s Palm Angels collection, relaxed joggers, hoodies and sweats for casual occasions and cool gym wear for active pursuits. Many men like to enjoy the best of both worlds and they have a mixture of styles in their wardrobe. Some days, you might feel like you want to get dressed up and put on a tailored shirt and fitted trousers. On other days, you may gravitate towards comfy joggers and a sweater. If you’re stuck in a personal style rut, don’t be afraid to mix things up with different fits, shapes and materials. 

Experiment with colors and prints

Adding colors and prints to your wardrobe is one of the most effective ways to freshen up understated outfits and showcase your personality. Even the simplest touches like a flash of color on a belt or a printed jacket can bring an outfit to life and make you feel great. Wearing bright colors can lift your mood, especially in the spring and summer when it’s warm and sunny and the days are long. Some people are reluctant to wear daring colors or experiment with prints. If you’re in this camp, don’t panic. You don’t suddenly have to walk around in top-to-toe florals or neon shirts to command attention and look trendy. You can be as bold as you like. If you usually wear black, or your color palette is monochrome, and you want to be a bit more audacious, introduce accents. You could swap a white tee for a pop of color, use accessories, such as sunglasses, shoes or a bag to bring a pattern into the outfit or swap a plain jacket for something a little more eye-catching. 

It’s always beneficial to try different pieces and experiment when it comes to introducing colors and prints into your wardrobe. Many of us instantly rule things out because we assume that they won’t suit us, or we feel apprehensive about wearing a bright color or a statement print. Try things on and then make a decision. You don’t have to go all-out with every look. You can be subtle while also having fun. If you have a printed shirt, for example, you can keep the rest of the look simple. Team a floral, striped or patterned graphic shirt with plain trousers or jeans and a pair of loafers, espadrilles or plimsolls for a chic, stylish look that is also playful or opt for a printed bomber jacket with a white tee, baggy jeans and sneakers. 

Play to your strengths

Everyone has insecurities. A lack of confidence can affect how you dress and present yourself. Many people who have insecurities about body image, for example, will gravitate towards black clothes and wear the same styles day in, day out. It’s not always easy to build confidence, but there are ways to boost self-esteem and gradually improve body image. One golden rule is to play to your strengths. Most people have parts of their body that they like more than others. If this is the case, you can dress to enhance your best bits and use clothing to balance your shape to create a more attractive silhouette and showcase your physique. If you have narrow shoulders, for example, and you’re more confident about your legs, you can wear slim-fit jeans or shorts and opt for sweaters or coats that are slightly oversized to make your shoulders look broader. Try to focus on the positives, rather than dwelling on the negatives. 

Look to others for inspiration

We all have a unique sense of personal style, but often, taking inspiration from others and gathering ideas from social media, magazines and photographs from events can help us put looks together and gain the confidence to embrace and celebrate individuality. You may see individual pieces that you love online, you might follow people whose style you admire or you may be interested in how celebrities or stylists match pieces to create ensembles. Look through shots from fashion shows and celebrity parties and events, follow people whose style you like, browse websites and online stores to look for new clothes and accessories and take inspiration from movies, TV shows and fashion shows from other eras. Looking at images, shopping online and going into different types of stores can give you ideas and help you build mental pictures of looks you want to try. 

Are you stuck in a style rut, or are you wondering how to venture back into the world in style after spending months in joggers or pajamas? With spring/summer on the horizon and the promise of more freedom, it’s a great time to think about switching up your style and freshening up your wardrobe. From creating a functional, versatile, cool capsule wardrobe and experimenting with different colors and prints to finding fits that make you feel comfortable and confident and gathering ideas from social media, catwalks and movies, there are several ways to make celebrating your personal sense of style fun and take the stress out of shopping.