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Why You Need To Hire A Lawyer For Compensation Claims After a Motorcycle Accident

New Port Richey, FL, is typically known for its charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and Spanish-revival architecture. Its riverfront landscape blends nature, beaches, and terrific shopping with restaurants, culture, and business. However, US 19, passing through downtown, is especially notorious for motorcycle accident injuries. It is also known as ‘the deadliest road in America.’ With up to eight lanes in most intersections, the highway carries all vehicle sizes, increasing the risk of motorcyclists being injured in traffic. 

You might wonder how to recover compensation for your injuries from the party who negligently hurt you in a motorcycle accident. It is made even more difficult by the misplaced notion that the rider is at fault in every road crash involving a motorcycle. The higher value of these claims makes it even more challenging to recover the full amount.

If you or a loved one was injured, consult a New Port Richey motorcycle accident attorney to process your restitution claims. It is essential to hire experienced legal aid because the process is long and complex. The following dives into how lawyers can help you expedite the process.

Most Lawyer Work on a Contingency Fee Basis

Motorcycle accidents are usually so severe that the victims typically need extensive medical treatment, including multiple surgeries and physical rehabilitation sessions, to recover fully. This drains all their resources leaving little or no resources to channel toward litigation. This is why lawyers work with clients to receive compensation first.

You must sign a legally binding contract that states the lawyer will only be paid if you win the claim or lawsuit. It means that the legal counsel will put all effort into securing your compensation and their salary. This ensures they champion for the highest possible amount, which reflects impressive returns on their side.

You Benefit From Experience and Specialization

Convincing a jury as a motorcycle rider that you were innocent is an uphill task that requires much skill and experience. It is even more difficult if you lack a legal background or have taken law classes but haven’t practiced for a while. Some juries are biased, probably due to a lack of experience riding motorcycles. Your attorney can help you convince the judges how motorcycles operate and how your conduct during the accident was legal. Getting the jury to see from your point of view can boost your chances of getting a favorable ruling and settlement.

You Access Hard-to-Find Facts

Insurers will only table a reasonable offer to your claims if they know you have a watertight case against them. Having some hard-to-find evidence in your armory is an excellent step toward a favorable ruling. A motorcycle accident lawyer is familiar with personal injury investigations and will go all out to secure subtle but incriminating evidence for you.

Lawyers have been known to secure an order that compels the defendants to release vital evidence in their possession. A thorough audit of the defendants driving expertise and qualification can compromise their defense in your favor. Motorcycle attorneys have years of poking holes in defendants’ defenses and can use these subtle facts to secure you the maximum compensation.

Lawyers Depict a Favorable Image of You Before the Jury

The image of a motorcyclist is far from beautiful in the public’s minds, which can work against your compensation claim for compensation. People think of motorbike riders as risky daredevils full of adrenaline weaving recklessly in and out of traffic. Nothing can be further from the truth.

A seasoned motorcycle attorney can present you before the jury as a responsible rider who obeys traffic laws. Citing your riding experience and riding license, a lawyer can destroy these stereotypes proving that you were in your lane and riding at the recommended speed limit when the accident occurred. A positive image can go a long way in bending the forthcoming settlement in your favor.

Three out of five victims in personal injury compensation claims and lawsuits opt for self-representation, which often ends badly. Remember, you are up against seasoned lawyers and insurance adjusters with thousands of lawsuits to their names. The only way to level the playing field and beat them in their game is to onboard a New Port Richey motorcycle accident attorney.