4 Things to Consider in Buying a Dress Watch

A lot of guys don’t own a good quality dress watch, and most have one kind that they use all year round. In many cases, you can see people wearing suits with a big plastic watch sticking out their tailored cuff. However, if you are wearing your sleek tuxedo for a glamorous event, you might want to consider wearing a dress watch that can complement your attire, which is something elegant and classy. 

A dress watch doesn’t necessarily have to be made of exquisite metals, you just have to find the right type. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always find an affordable automatic watch that can be paired with your formal and semi-formal wear. And if you are confused about choosing what dress watch you should get, we made this list of things to consider when buying a dress watch. Read more so that you can make the right decision.

Watch Case Depth

Check the watch case depth, and if you have a bigger wrist diameter, you can consider a 42mm dress watch. On the other hand, if you have a thin wrist you do not want a thick watch sticking out under your cuff. Try to stick to something thin as much as possible, not necessarily too thin, but the kind that you will feel comfortable wearing and look good with it.  A thicker case will look bigger and bulkier regardless of your wrist size and a thin case may look flimsy on your wrist. Some watches can be thicker because of how they are powered, while quartz watches are thinner than automatic ones. 

Watch Durability

Purchasing a watch is a big thing, which is why you should ensure that the one you choose is durable. Research the durability of the watch before buying it, especially if it’s an expensive one. Watches have limited features, so you can break them into two simple criteria — design and functionality. You should take durability as a key decision factor. This will also help you in the long long run since you won’t have to buy a new watch anytime soon.

The Cost of the Watch

Allocating budget and deciding how much you are going to spend on buying a watch is not that simple. Some people like spending a generous amount on the most important features like design and durability. Before you decide which one you want to purchase, remember that a good dress watch doesn’t need to be expensive. What you can do is research on types first and the specific watch that you like and look for prices on the market. It is important to set a budget range first so you will not spend more than what you plan to. 

Watch Movement

The machine used to operate the watches can prohibit it from being too thin, this is why many thin and ultra-thin watches have quartz movement, opposite to thicker watches that use automatic systems. The rotor in an automatic watch often prohibits watches from being too thin, this is why many thin and ultra-thin watches have quartz movement.

If you are very particular on what watch movement your watch needs to have, you can check out different types that will suit your preference. If you are very curious about horology, you can opt for a mechanical watch, but if you are not familiar with it, you can go for quartz watches. There is always going to be a thin and dress-appropriate automatic watch suitable to your taste and needs.

With these things in mind, you can find the best dress watch for you. Buying your first dress watch can be an investment, not just in terms of saving money, but also for the additional boost in your confidence and style it provides.