Men's Underwear BR4ss Fitted Boxers

You Need Better Underwear

You can tell a lot about a man by the underwear he chooses. Is he uptight and conservative? Does he play fast and loose? Or is he a brand snob? Undies are serious business, and because almost all of us could use an upgrade, BR4SS Fitted Boxers are worth a serious look.

I sported these bad boys all last week, even reusing a pair day after day to see how they hold up to a possible walk of shame. You know, for science. I’m happy to report a good fit, ample support, and decent results in the oh-so-important “bulge-factor.” Medium is the right way to go if you’re more than 6′ or 150lbs.

The BR4SS design language is modern and playful, with big, loud patterns and accents. Probably the best feature of all is that these are a pair of boxer briefs that actually have a functional button-fly. Such a blessing.

I’m confident that most of us need an upgrade to our underwear drawer. And as long as you’re going to make a statement about yourself with your choice, it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to go beyond the expected Polo or CK. BR4SS definitely stands out, and stands up to daily use. They’re a good statement to make, and one that may see you sharing the view with others.