7 Ideas for Turning Your Fandom into Style

Are you a lover of all things Sci-Fi? Maybe a fantasy fanatic? Maybe you are a die-hard sports fan who just can’t wait until the next big game? Too often, mega fans have to keep their passions bottled up and hidden from the world. No more, we say. The next time you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, start choosing pieces that show your devotion to whatever it is you love most.

Sure, it’s a little off the beaten path, but who knows – you might start making new friends and encourage others to be out about their own fandoms! Whatever your fandom of choice, it’s time to let your fan flag fly. Check out these sweet ideas for turning your fandom into a part of your wardrobe.

T shirts

One of the easiest ways to show of your fan love is with a T shirt. All that space in the front and back offers an excellent way to proudly boast about what you love. Whether it’s a cult classic horror movie villain or a My Little Pony character hanging with her friends, you should definitely get a T-shirt with that on it. 

Another similar option for you sports lovers out there is team jerseys. Show off your pride and love of the players by sporting your favorite player’s number proudly as you walk around town.


Another quirky, interesting way to show off your fan style is with socks! There are so many amazing options out there for showing off your style, from NBA socks that rep your favorite team, to zany fluffy cat socks that show how much you love your pet (hey, you can be a fan of pets too!). Plus, if you ever take your shoes off, immediate conversation starter! Now that’s something we can get into.


Honestly, why stop at the socks? Did you know that there are awesome shoes out there that help you sport your favorite fandom? From Star Wars slip-ons to limited edition basketball shoes that show off your team love, there are plenty of options for fandom footwear. The next time you ball it up on the court, make sure that you do so in style while showing off your fan pride.


If it’s chilly outside but you don’t want that to put the freeze on your fandom fervor, consider investing in a themed jacket! While a jacket with a picture of your fave brand is always a great staple, real fans go above and beyond. For instance, Lord of the Rings lovers can opt to wear a cloak when it gets cold. Sherlock fans will try to find the perfect woolen trench coat so you look just like the slender sly sleuth. 

Here’s a cool idea: if you have a worn-out fandom T shirt, try cutting out the image from the front and pinning it to the back of a denim trucker jacket. You’ll look punk rock and fandom-forward.

Fan pants

Now here’s something unexpected: try out a pair of pants that sport your fan pride. One easy option is workout pants that show of your love of your favorite team. But why stop with FIFA pants? There are loads of options out there for lovers of any fandom! You’ve just got to know where to look. At Comic Con, for instance, vendors often sell all sorts of fun fan fashion, commonly including pants. 


One of the easiest and coolest ways to sport your fan pride is with accessories from your favorite fandom. Whether that’s the Time Turner necklace worn by Hermione, an Infinity Gauntlet-themed set of rings so everyone knows you sided with Thanos, or a cool batman cape you wear to work to impress your coworkers, there are amazing options out there to accessorize with. 

One fun option is to be subtle about it – try some fan-forward earrings and see if anyone notices, or put a simple pin on your work bag and see if any other fans give you that knowing nod.

Full on cosplay

On the other end of the spectrum is the pièce de résistance, an all-out cosplay. When you go out on the town, why not go dressed up as Frodo. Or, for that matter, bust out your very best Shinji or Asuka costume so everyone knows what a huge Neon Genisis nerd you are. Some people call it cringe – we call it cool. 

From hats and shirts to socks and capes, fans should let the world know of their obsession. However you let your fandom pride show, we understand.