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6 Facts About Hookah That Will Blow Your Mind

The Egyptians created the hookah about 3000 years ago, and their primary purpose wasn’t just to provide people with hours of entertainment while under the influence. The pipe treated several diseases, primarily common respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis. The smoke that results from burning the tobacco contains a relatively low amount of harmful substances compared to cigarette smoke.


Still, many people don’t know anything about it and consider this activity relatively harmless compared to smoking a cigarette. But what are the facts?

1. You Can Take Hookah With You Anywhere

One of the best things about this type of smoking is that you don’t have to do it only at home or somewhere else. Even though you need unique accessories to smoke it, you can take them with you anywhere and enjoy the experience because there are no limits set. When buying hookah online, make sure that the hookah store is legitimate and trustworthy. The product should be of high quality and as safe as it can get. If you go for an unknown brand, then make sure that their products are good enough to release smoke because otherwise, there’s no point in buying anything nice.

 2. Multiple Elements Of Hookah Are Dangerous to Your Health

Hookah is still a type of water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco. When someone smokes, they inhale the smoke that results from burning charcoal, which is put on top of the hookah bowl containing hookah tobacco. The question is whether it’s less dangerous than smoking regular cigarettes. The answer here can’t be yes or no. Most often, it’s prepared from three basic types of tobaccos: Virginia, molasses, and shisha (hemp). This popular pastime contains thousands of chemical elements, but they work in slightly different ways.

3. Women Smoke Hookah Than Men

According to the latest studies, it has been proved that women are more likely to smoke hookah than men. The difference is not so big, but still, there’s no doubt which gender smokes it more often. The reason for this might lie in the fact that both genders want to feel relaxed after a long day of work and try new things and hobbies. Even though most women associate hookah smoking with marijuana and other drugs, this is not the case. It’s just a way to have fun and relax after a long day of work. Different types of parties and gatherings usually accompany it because it’s a social activity.


4. Los Angeles Has Got The Largest Hookah Pipe Collection in The World

Even though it might not be as big as the one owned by Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection in New York City, there’s no doubt that Los Angeles has got an awe-inspiring and valuable collection. It was given to this city after a special exhibition, and it now holds more than 200 pieces of hookah pipes and accessories. Interestingly, the collection features all types of smoking apparatus, from very intricate designs to extremely complicated ones. The height of the hookahs ranges from only a few inches to more than three feet.

5. Hookah Has Many Names

Depending on where you are, hookah is known under many different names. For example, it’s called shisha in Morocco, while the Persian word for this type of activity is Margiela. There are even more of these throughout Asia and Africa, but they all have one thing in common – they derive from the same root. Ugalyoq or huqqa is the Arabic word for hookah, while sheesha comes from the Persian language. The other names include argileh, shisha, goza and nargila. These names refer to the same type of smoking apparatus, designed differently in every region where it was discovered.  

6. You Can Use Real Fruit As a Hookah Bowl

Even though many people think that hookah smoking is dangerous because it’s made of tobacco, this is not always the case. You can use natural fruit as a bowl and enjoy your smoke without worrying about the possible effects of using tobacco. The best fruits for this activity are watermelon, apple, and pineapples. Hookah sellers don’t usually mention this fact, but you can try it at home if you want to. The great thing about using watermelon is that you can add some mint and call it a Melon Mint Summer Hookah. This way, your hookah smoking experience will be even more enjoyable than before, and the taste will be much different because of the fruit.

As you can see, hookah has many different facts that make it a fascinating smoking activity for people worldwide. Even though a stereotypical image of a smoker is someone who uses drugs and wants to feel relaxed in this way, this is not always true for hookah smokers. They appreciate good taste and quality and enjoy socializing with friends while doing this.