Vaping Properly: That ‘Lung Hit’ Smokers Crave For

Even vaping connoisseurs once began their journey as beginners, and their attempt to reach that perfect lung hit moment has been like a roller-coaster experience. Surveying the best e-cig kit for the first time might have confused them. But then, after being into vaping for several years, newbies transformed into enthusiasts; and eventually connoisseurs. So, those who have had no clue about the terms and words associated with vaping are now immensely knowledgeable about the everyday vape lingos.

Now, coming back to discussing that memorable “lung-hit” you accomplish out of your vaping experience. Smokers already know what MTL is all about. But anyone who has joined the pool of vaping recently will find the DTL an alien concept. Well, these two are not just the basics, but they are the two ways how a vaping enthusiast can achieve a flawless experience. As you crave to reach perfection, here’s presenting these two methods in an elucidated manner.

Method 1: Mouth to Lung Inhalation

MTL or Mouth to Lung vaping happens to be an inhaling method that cigarette smokers are more familiar with. In this style, the person draws the vapor into their mouth. The vapor should be held for some seconds and eventually inhale into the lungs with the second breath.

Holding it inside the mouth for some seconds enables the tongue to perceive the subtle flavor. For smokers switching over to vaping, they find this technique appropriate. Also, newbies can buy an MTL vape kit from a Weed Smart products Dispensary.

Advantages of MTL:

The following are the top advantages of MTL:

  • Inhalation with this method happens to be slower. So, this means that your favorite vape juice lasts longer. When you want to savor your vaping moments, this turns out to be the correct method. 
  • It requires less battery power as the rate tends to be softer and slower. So, this means that the batter doesn’t have to work that hard.
  • MTL happens to be similar to the technique used for smoking cigars or cigarettes. Thus, the ones who are switching over to vaping will find this method extremely convenient.
  • If you want to vape for flavors, this style of vaping becomes your safest choice. The juice has more exposure to the taste buds, and you can hit all notes so quickly.
Lung Hit

Pros And Cons


  • Coils last longer
  • Enhanced flavors
  • Consumes little e-liquid


  • Less vapor production – cannot produce cloud chasing fumes
  • Need higher liquids to contain

Method 2: Direct to Lung Inhalation

DTL or Direct to Lung Inhalation is another method involving a slow yet steady process of inhaling. On average, around 2.8 seconds are enough to give you a perfect hit. What it does is fills your lung to its full capacity from a single breath. DTL happens to be a technique that fills your lungs to 100% capacity, thereby offering an experience for professionals who do – not like the cigar-like experience anymore.

Lung Hit

Advantages of DTL:

The following are the top advantages of DTL:

  • If you want to experience intense vaping, you might like this method. It includes heavy-hit smoking that derives immense satisfaction.
  • Another imperative advantage of DTL is cloud-chasing. Through this intriguing technique, you will be able to create dense and giant clouds of smoke. On this note, DLI becomes your perfect bet for producing foggy plumes. 
  • In comparison to cloud-chasing, you will be able to vape quite stealthily by using DLI. You can hold the vape inside your lungs for a longer time frame. You may make clouds dissipate before exhaling. It’s an ideal technique to keep it low-key in locations where you do not know any vaping rules or etiquette. 


  • Nicer and bigger clouds
  • Works with modern vaping tanks
  • A smoother and more robust throat hit
  • Works with multiple e-liquids


  • More power, so the battery drains quicker
  • It does not work with basic pieces of equipment
  • More usage of e-liquid
Lung Hit

MTL vs. DTL: Which One Do You Think Is More Preferable?

After narrating the features and facets of these two methods, it’s time for a final verdict. Individual preferences will differ from one to another. Thus, it depends on your personal choice. Yes, the choice of your device is a crucial parameter for determining the proper method. But there’s no denying that no matter how sophisticated the device looks, adapting your vaping style totally depends on the process that features the mod.

While DTL tends to be gentle on the throat, some vapers like the throat hit harsher. But if you do not find it satisfying, you can opt for a mellower one. DTL offers a little throat-hitting. In addition to this, DTL devices come with a more significant variation in e-liquid flavors. 

A majority of vaping manufacturers install the ready-tailored design for quitting smoking. So, these have a vape starter’s kit, pod kits, and, most importantly, a vape pen. However, vaping professionals find the cigarette-like experience too delicate to enjoy a throat hit. They opt for Direct Lung Inhalation.

Final Verdict

Although these are the most excellent lung-hit techniques, beginners and intermediate enthusiasts can consider checking for these methods too. Different smokers want to achieve different levels of hits. Now that this post has explained the basic two processes, it’s time to discover what you prefer. Write about your favorite vaping technique once you accomplish the immense satisfaction and the right lung hit you are currently craving.