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Cut the Cravings and Slim Down This Year

Everyone has high ambitions for their health and lifestyle at the start of the year, but unless you can say no to cravings, you risk losing the motivation before the snowdrops start to sprout. In this article, you can find an armory of techniques that will serve you well all year. 

Eat More Protein 

When it comes to preventing cravings and slimming down, protein is your friend. Protein contains amino acids that help to repair your torn muscles after a workout; this makes them stronger and prevents fat from building up in the places that matter. But that’s not all it can do.

Protein is a potent appetite suppressor; the reason is that protein takes longer for the body to digest, much longer than high-carb foods. This longer digesting period means that your body craves food less often. So if you want to slim down this year, try to start your day with protein.  

Use Spinach Supplements 

Some people love supplements and use them all the time; others prefer to avoid the use of them altogether because they are artificial and don’t and are not an adequate replacement for food. However, spinach supplements are a bridge between them, both healthy and convenient.

Spinach supplements are also an excellent appetite suppressor. The best time to take spinach supplements is at mealtimes. When you eat spinach supplements at mealtimes, it can keep you feeling full for hours after; these supplements are also thought to reduce chocolate cravings.   

Talk to the Experts 

Sometimes cravings can become extreme and turn into addictions. People can be addicted to all sorts of things such as food, cigarettes, and recreational drugs, but unlike cravings, addictions are much harder to solve. If you have an addiction, you might need some assistance. 

That’s why drug rehab centers like Sunshine Behavioral health clinic exist. At this rehab clinic, you can talk to trained staff and specialists about your addiction issue and find out what options you have available. Make this year a time to kick your addiction for good and take back control.  

Drink More Water

If you can reduce your cravings throughout the day, you stand a better chance of creating the life you want. Spontaneous cravings are largely to blame for the additional calories we onboard and then have to burn off during workouts, so why not make the whole process more efficient? 

When you experience a craving, you have two choices, you can act on the craving and satisfy your body’s demands for high-calorie, high-fat foods, or you can drink a large glass of water and suppress the craving until it’s time for your planned meal. This is a quick and easy craving fix.   

Plan Your Meals

Another excellent way to reduce your cravings and train your body to want the right things at the right times of the day. Think about what nutrient you want in your diet and plan your meals for the week. It’s also a good idea to plan your meals for set times of day to control your cravings.