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5 Tips to Make Your House Safe and Secure

Many homes have suffered from irreversible damage and dangerous intruders. The unfortunate events lead to the loss or destruction of valuables and physical harm or even death in some extreme cases. Your home is a haven that should offer peace and be secure. Everyone wants to retreat to a solid place free from unprecedented intrusions. Here are tips to make your home a secure and safe place. 

Secure Wi-Fi 

Many devices and gadgets in our homes require an internet connection in this sophisticated and technical time. The devices like computers, phones, baby monitors, and tablets make our lives convenient, increasing our reliance on Wi-Fi.

The Internet opens up the world to many things, and while it brings exposure, it poses a range of security problems. Protect your home devices by securing the Wi-Fi networks as unsecured open up security risks.

Hackers always take advantage of a lapse in security as they are opportunistic. When hackers can gain access to the home network, they steal personal and financial information. They infect your gadgets with malware and viruses. Securing your home network is crucial to protect your data and keep off attackers.   

Create strong and unique log-in credentials and change them over time. Keep your wireless network encrypted and use a firewall. Hide and rename your network.

Fire Proof Your Home

Fire incidents are damaging, unforgiving, and dangerous. Unfortunately, cases of home fires keep increasing even with advanced technology. 

Get a professional to audit your electrical connections, change faulty sockets or wires and do a panel upgrade as a safety measure. 

Inspect current CO detectors and fire alarms to ensure they are in the best working condition. Check smoke detectors and add new ones where necessary. You will also need to pay attention to the charge and expiration date on the fire extinguishers and buy new ones if necessary. 

Install a Security System


Take advantage of the advanced technology and install a solid security system with home automation features. There are many security options to cater to individual home needs and every budget. 

Evaluate your house and neighborhood needs to understand the risks and safeguard them. This measure helps you understand the kind of protection you need. 

Consider installing security cameras with a mobile app that allows you to view real-time footage and store it for evidence. Check for security cameras with motion detection, two-way talk, night vision, cloud, local storage, weatherproof casing, and Wi-Fi. These features provide a proactive approach to help early intervention.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Leafy homes give your house curb appeal but present a great hideout for burglars. Trim plants and trees close to your home that could play as cover. Remove trees near your windows and opt for smaller bushes and flowers to keep your space green with fewer risks. 

Keep away ladders and stools that may make it easy for thieves to climb, and do not expose pricey goods as they may attract thieves.

Lock sheds, gates, and any outdoor buildings you have. 

Keep Your Exterior Well Lit

Burglars and most criminals thrive in the dark as they do not like to be in the spotlight. Lighting up your landscape is one way of keeping them away. Install lights around your back and front yards, along pathways and other outdoor structures near the garage. 

A well-lit exterior will also keep you safe from falls that may happen due to stumbling. Consider motion-sensing lights and save energy with solar-enabled lights. You can put outdoor lights on a timer using a smart outlet.

Reinforcing your windows and doors sounds obvious, but it is a worthy reminder to keep your home secure. Make sure you have a clear fire emergency exit. Invest in a safe that will keep your crucial documents safe from fire, water, or unpleasant intruders.