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4 Ways To Improve Your Style

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve how you look and feel better about yourself. As a male, there are many little things that you can do to improve your style, from looking after your hair to matching your shoes with your outfit or taking more time to get ready. By adapting your morning and evening routine you can instantly change the way you feel, making yourself feel more stylish, ready for the day ahead. Below are four things to think about when improving your style. 

man holding his black suit
Photo by Jeremy Beadle

Purchase A Watch 

A timepiece is a great way to improve your look and bring it together. Whether your watch is a smartwatch with a casual strap or an affordable/expensive watch it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it fits with the clothing style you are going for. It’s an accessory that shows you have thought about what you are wearing as long as you dress with the idea of wearing a watch and don’t just put anything on.

Look After Your Hair 

Just getting out of bed, getting dressed, and going out isn’t going to cut it. Healthy hair is important and with the right product can enhance your style and improve how you look. When you wake up, or after a shower, make sure you build in a hair routine where you actually style it. Add some product to make it look sharper or get it cut if it’s getting too long. Yes, a rugged look can work for a lot of people but too long and you may start to look like you don’t look after yourself. 


The first look of someone can say a lot about who they are and their personality. Part of this first appearance is their shoes. How do they look? Are they clean? Do they go with what they are wearing? These are all the sort of thoughts people have when meeting someone which is why your shoes are so important when it comes to your style. Take a look in your shoe cupboard, if any of your shoes are scruffy, throw them away. GIve your other shoes a polish and actively think about how they look with your outfits. When dressing try and color coordinate your shoes with your outfit. And make sure you wear the right shoes with the right outfit – don’t be lazy and instantly go for trainers each time. 

Give yourself time to get ready

How long do you give yourself to get ready? A lot of men just quickly put on their outfits and head out which is where they are going wrong. In the morning build in a routine where you give yourself enough time to prepare when going out. Try and plan your outfit, matching colours and accessories together. Before going to bed why not pick your outfit out ready so you can concentrate more on your hair and other things. If you are struggling for outfits, why not scroll through instagram looking at fashionable influencers for ideas.