This is How Not To Run Your Diesel Car Into The Ground!

Diesel, petrol, they are all the same, right? Well, no they aren’t, and just like confusing the pumps as the gas station will ruin your car, confusing how to treat these two different type of vehicles can as well. Luckily, you can catch up on the essential do and don’ts of diesel in our post below.

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Do watch out for fuel problems

The fuel that you use to run this type of vehicle is essential, and unsurprisingly it needs to be diesel. However, it needs to be the right kind of diesel, and in the UK and USA, this means the clear variety and not the stuff that is dyed red. This is because red diesel is only licensed for use in off-road vehicles such as tractors and construction equipment, and you will be breaking the law if you fill your car up with the stuff and drive it on the road.

Also, be wary of cross-contamination of diesel and petrol at filling stations. Something that can occur and really screw up the inner working of your engine. With that in mind always try to refuel at gas stations that have dedicated deals pumps and that are known to be reliable suppliers.   

Don’t attempt repairs

While many petrol car owners feel confident in attempting repairs, those with diesel vehicles need to take a different course.

In fact, it essential that you used a Certified Car Care center that specializes in diesel to ensure that you get quality repairs and services. Otherwise, you risk impacting the integrity of the engine, and this can cause all sorts of inconvenient, and expensive problems further down the line. Something that makes investing in the correct care in the first place actually much more cost effective in the long run.

Don’t start or stop the engine without warming up and cooling downs

While diesel vehicle like the Chevy Colorado and the Land Rover Discovery Td6 tend to be powerful beasts, they can also be pretty sensitive too, especially to temperature. What that means is that warming the engine up from a dead stop, and cooling it down before you switch it off are essential if you want to ensure your vehicle has a long and productive life.

In fact, if its a choice between a quick journey without a warmup and cool down and a walk, the walk is definitely best for your engine, even if it is a little harder on your feet.

Do check gaskets  

The gaskets are the seal on your diesel motor, and these components take a lot of punishment because the engine heats up and cool down so much when it’s driven.

Sadly, if you blow a gasket, and it starts to leak it can easily flood your engine. Something that will require a total overhaul by a mechanic if you want to get it back up and running again. Therefore, checking the seals on your gaskets for leaks regularly is essential, if you want your vehicle to run reliably for as long as possible.