Samuel Adams Summer Ale and Downtime Pilsner

sam-adams_summer-aleSamuel Adams Summer Ale is surprisingly refreshing without being too tame or dull, it is nothing outrageously special but it is a solid addition to the summer beer offerings.  The beer pours a hazy golden yellow, looking almost like unfiltered wheat, but it finishes clean and crisp.  It sports a subtle yet noticeable lemon tinge that serves to accent yet not overpower the wheat base.  I would imagine this beer would be at it’s strongest after mowing your lawn in the midday heat or for sipping at an outdoor event.


downloadSamuel Adams Downtime Pilsner is very clean and clear, a classic color for the pilsner style with a minimal head that has very little body. The taste is subtle and unimposing, it is a very mild beer with floral notes on the nose that keeps it interesting. The taste follows suit, nice and accessible yet not complex in any way.  It is only slightly hopped to give it slightly more body than a simple lager.  It finishes clean with out much of a lingering finish.  I could see this as a safe choice for any night out with friends where you want an unobtrusive and accessible beer but you do not want to be the bro that orders an American Lager.