What to Do With Tech Gadgets You No Longer Need

Who doesn’t have tech gadgets lying all around their house with completely no use at all? Technology is becoming more advanced day after day, which compels the average person to always upgrade their devices and toss away their old ones. Eventually, individuals end up with several tech gadgets that they do not know what to do with. The first thing that may cross your mind would be throwing them away. Now, hold that thought, as tech gadgets comprise hard materials that can be very harmful to the environment if they end up in landfills. That said, the simplest of projects can be beneficial to you and can completely turn the aesthetic of your home or office around at the lowest costs. Read on to learn what you can do with tech gadgets that you no longer need.

Reuse Them As Home Decor

Getting artistic is always a great idea; after all, isn’t art therapeutic? Whether art is your thing or not, repurposing your old tech gadgets can be a lot of fun. You can decorate your home using old gadgets in many different ways. Because not all items have the same shape or color, you will find an interesting variation of items to get artistic with. You can create a nice centerpiece display or an aesthetic handmade craft. Reusing your old gadgets can be a great addition to your home’s vibe with their different textures and colors. Moreover, reusing them does not necessarily mean that they would be used for decoration as they can be a practical home accessory that has decorative features. For example, you can create tissue boxes or fish tanks out of your old tech gadgets. The bottom line is when it’s time to get creative, why not let your mind run wild? 

Donate Them

Even though the majority of us have no issues upgrading our phones or gaming consoles, many people find that difficult to afford. Giving away the tech gadgets that you do not use to charities is a good solution as well as a good deed. You can donate gadgets, such as computer items, your old gaming gear, an old cell phone that you do not need as a spare anymore, etc. All you have to do is pack up your devices, and start looking for places that accept such donations. Doing such a good deed can help you feel good about yourself, while it also helps you give away your unnecessary gadgets in an eco-friendly way.


Many home suppliers offer recycling programs for tech gadgets. You can benefit from such programs by packing any gadget that you no longer use and heading to any of these stores. What these stores do is that they take the gadgets that you no longer need and reutilize or use them as spare parts for other devices. They can also refurbish them and resell them to people who are interested in buying refurbished devices. You can look for any tech store near you and check if they have such a service. Usually, this service offers you cash in return for your gadgets. Another option can be trading them in for other items. However, you have to double-check before dropping your gadgets at a retail store as they may not accept the items that you have to offer them. 

Save Them For Projects

Tech-enthusiasts can benefit from old spare parts or whole gadgets. Saving any old gadgets that you no longer need is a great hack for when you start working on a tech-related project. If you think of it, no one would like spending a fortune or ruining a new device for a trial-and-error project. This is why it would be a great idea to save your tech gadgets for any upcoming project, whether it’s for educational purposes or just for fun and exploration. 

Use Them As Storage

There’s never enough extra space for storage. One of the most ingenious things you can do with your tech gadgets is to repurpose them for storage uses. The most reputable gadget for this task would be the floppy disk. You probably have tons of floppy disks from the golden age that are piling up in your drawers for no apparent reason. Well, that’s a good thing because you can use them to create different storage items. For example, you can stack them and form a box, a file holder, or a pencil holder. Despite how practical they will get as you form a storage unit with them, they will give your desk an organized and authentic look.

Keep It Vintage

Old is gold, or so the saying goes. Keeping your old tech gadgets as vintage decor is a creative thing to do. However, you might want to give it some simple touches for a more authentic look. For example, an old PC can be converted into many retro accessories, depending on the theme of the space in question. For instance, you can convert your old PC into a jukebox. Such an idea gives off the authentic vintage vibe, especially if you can have it play all of the classics that you grew up listening to. A DIY jukebox is not just nostalgic, but it can give your guests something new and out-of-the-box to keep them entertained. You can use this as a vintage touch to an otherwise semi-modern room, or you can redecorate your space entirely to look retro. 

Deciding to do something different with your unneeded tech gadgets is a great step to recycling what you don’t need. Remember to think of projects that do not harm the environment. These environmentally-friendly ways usually revolve around reusing, recycling, and so on. Throwing tech gadgets away can cause harm to the environment as they are made of hard materials that eventually end up in landfills. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways that are green, and at the same time, these projects can benefit you. The first thing you need to do is start looking for inspiration and let your creativity go wild!